Check out the cancellation policy online at before your orders. We provide you with a portal on which you can cancel your orders at any time with ease provided you match some of the basic criteria.

We hope that you will read our cancellation policy once before purchasing especially for the first time to avoid unnecessary disputes and confusion.

How to cancel your orders online from our portal?

Canceling your order online at is way easier and can be completed in a few simple steps. If you are a registered customer with us then you can log in to your account on our website and proceed with the cancellation tab and thereafter simply follow the steps to cancel your order.

As soon as you complete the order within minutes you will receive a cancelation email from us stating your entire details of the canceled order such as the medicine names doses and the entire refundable amount to you.

How long time do we provide you for canceling your orders?

Even when you have received your order you can still cancel your order. But this facility that we provide to the customers comes with a few terms and conditions which you must mandatorily fulfill for canceling your order.

Firstly, the deadline for you to cancel your order is not more than 7 days inclusive of holidays. Remember that as soon as you receive your order this period of 7 days will start. After 7 days are over will not be entertaining your cancelation request anymore.

Secondly, you must not have used the product or tampered with the product seal. Remember that in such cases we reserve the right to either accept or cancel your orders anytime.

For canceling your order you can either place an online order by logging into your account or else you can also directly contact our customer helpdesk or drop in an email.

But remember that emails might not be the ideal way as we do have a provision of replying to you in a timeline of 48 hours. If these 48 hours exceed 7 days then we will not be able to accept your cancellation request.

For what reasons do we cancel your orders?

While canceling your order online at you will have to provide a valid reason for canceling your order. Check out the list of reasons by clicking on any valid reason for which you are canceling your order.

What charges are non-refundable on our portal?

Remember that canceling your order means that not the entire money you paid during your order is refundable to you. We do reserve rights to deduct some charges.

Canceling an order will include a cancelation charge. Added to that are all taxes, transactional fees, local courier charges, import duties, and customs charges which are non-refundable.

How do we refund cancelation orders?

All refund orders for cancelation will be done via online means. We do not directly provide you cash. In case of an online transfer, you will have to provide us with an account number and all other details as necessary for executing an online refund transfer.




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