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Sildenafil or generic Viagra is a common drug, which is used in treating ED and other sexual problems in men. The drug is potent in addressing complex health issues that cause a man to suffer from poor erection.
It definitely can address all major factors that may cause erection problems before sex. The drug can boost blood flow in the penile region of a person. Better infusion of blood in the private part of a man enables long-lasting hard erections.
The drug provides an enhancement of blood vessels as well which increases blood-carrying capacity. This increased capacity enables it to transfuse more blood into a man’s penis at the time of having sex. There are various dosages of generic Viagra or sildenafil available.
Depending on your internal health and needs, the doctor may prescribe a certain dose of it. The drug is among the most popular elements used in making quality pills to tackle erection problems in men.