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Sharing your information

You need to mandatorily share some basic information with us. The right to collect some basic information rests with us only. Although we approach a unique minimalistic policy when it comes to collecting your information you will have to agree to share information with us online.

We ensure that your privacy and anonymity are maintained at all times while sharing your information with us. The basic information given by you needs to be correct as any fraudulent or misleading information is the sole liability of the customer and not us.  During each order, you will have to share your name, email id, mobile number and comply with our age rules.

Registering on our website

We do not ask you for any mandatory registration process or sign-up process for buying medicines on our portal. If you wish then you can sign up or else continue as our esteemed guest user.

Don’t worry about the prices as they are the same for all users whether you have an account with us or if you are continuing as a guest user. The only difference is that our registered members get access to privileged information about the latest discounts premium offers and new arrivals via email which guest users don’t.

Making online payment

While making your order you will have to agree to pay us online. Although we do have several online payment methods to provide options to our customers we do not accept payments done by cash or demand drafts or any other means than the ones stated on our portal.

You will have to agree to any one of the following payment methods according to your suitability-

Credit or debit cards

Online banking

Mobile wallet transfer

Remember that you might also have to pay for a transactional fee depending on which online payment method you use.

Canceling your order and refund orders

Cancelation orders will have to be made from the customer’s end. We also reserve the right to cancel your order anytime if we do not serve your pin code or area of residence or it could be due to some unnecessary delays of shipping the product or any natural calamity that will leave us with no choice apart from canceling your order.

Even if delivered you cancel your order but within a maximum time frame of 7 days post which we won’t entertain your order.

Remember that all refund orders will be done via online transfers and no cash refunds are done. It is the sole duty of the customer to provide us with a valid account number and furnish all other details as necessary for executing the refund order.

Sharing product reviews and comments

You are free to share your product reviews. We do encourage you to share your reviews on your own expressive words and feelings. Although we always strive to bring happy smiles to your faces but sometimes despite our best efforts we might fall short of your expectations.

By sharing your thoughts and feelings openly with us through your comments and reviews you give us the chance to provide you better service next time. It also gives us credibility and authenticity to our website for other web buyers like you.




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