At our portal that is, we encourage all our customers to check out the privacy policy before proceeding on with the order.  We do have a well-defined privacy policy that is to the benefit of our customers.

But sometimes we also do have stringent rules that our management deserves the entire rights and all customers buying medicines from our portal need to adhere to.


You will have to mandatorily share your email with us. You see with us being completely online all information that we communicate with you will be via online means and this is why you need to adhere to our email policies.

We request you to keep your email active for the time being too until you receive your order. Things like your order confirmation, shipping details, and other important communication will be via email only.

Sometimes your email policies might not allow receiving external emails from unknown parties in your inbox. In such cases, we ask you to check the spam folders once and make sure that you accept our email policies such that from further on you will get all emails in your inbox only.

Sharing your basic information

You will have to be willing to share some basic information with us such that we can identify you. You see we collect minimal information as we respect your decision to maintain your anonymity while purchasing medicines from our portal online.

But you should also understand the fact that to make the transaction successful and recorded for references in future you should provide us some basic information such as your name, email, mobile number and comply with our age rules.

Cookie policy

If you wish then you can accept our cookie policy. It is a choice that rests with our customers. You may wish to accept our cookie policy. Of course, you can check out the details of our cookie policies including how we store your private information.

We feel that if you are one of our regular customers then accepting our cookie policy will prevent you from entering the same details, again and again, each time you buy medicines online from our portal.

This will save your time as well when you are in a hurry to purchase medicines. Our online safety measures ensure that each customer’s private information is stored in digital lockers with the best digital firewalls that prevent malicious entry or intent of sharing.

Registering on our portal

We do not have any mandatory sign-up process. You can always come in and continue as a guest user and buy medicines of your choice.

But if you register with us then you will be able to check out the news about the best deals and offers even without visiting our portal as we will be sending you promotional emails with the latest product launches, new arrivals, and seasonal offers from time to time.

Age confirming rules

We have a stringent age confirmation rule that states any online user has to be over 18 years to buy medicines from our portal. If you continue by checking the checkbox then you comply with our rules.



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