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Avana 200mg

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Avana 200mg Avana 200mg Avana 200mg Avana 200mg

Avana 200mg - 200-mg

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Overview of Avana 200mg

Avana 200mg tablet is a medicine for a male patient who is suffering from the problems of being able to enable a hard erection. It is a medicine that when activates itself will bring about a hard penis erection.

Generic Avanafil is the substance that is present in the pills of Avana 200mg to enable the proceedings to make you achieve erectile hardness.

Avana 200mg is a high dose and thus it is combined with the substance generic Avanafil which is a prescription substance Patients must always ask for confirmation from the doctors to be able to use the medicine.

What Is Avana 200mg Tablet?

Avana 200 mg is a generic Avanafil-containing ED curing medicine. Avanafil present in the pills will begin working to enable an increase in the blood flow supply and thus cater to hard erections.

You need to take a pill of Avana 200mg generally when you are suffering from severe ED cases since it is a high dose.

Avana 200 also needs careful administration within patients following the dosing guideline and some precautions which are given by the doctors.


The manufacturing company of the Avana 200mg is Sunrise Remedies. It is the company that holds exclusive rights to use this brand name for all its sales and marketing purposes.

The company will use the brand name because it has all the licenses and approvals to do so. You can now buy Avana 200mg both online and offline.


The composite substance that you get within the pills is Avanafil. This PDE-5 hormone inhibiting substance is providing you with a temporary cure for the problem of ED. It can provide effects for close to 5 hours depending on how well the patients can suit the dose.

Working of Avana 200mg

Avana 200mg will begin with the ejection of Avanafil. As Avanafil has this inherent nature of inhibiting the PDE-5 hormones it will begin its work that way only.

Now when the presence of PDE-5 hormones is gone it opens up the gap and the pathways for GMP hormone to secrete. GMP or guanosine monophosphate is a hormone that will turn into cGMP.

Soon when cGMP levels have gone up high you can have this dilation effect kicking in and this is possible due to the effects of nitric oxide. As a result of dilation, you can get more penis sensitivity and enable a hard penis erection.

How To Take Avana 200mg Tablet

To take Avana 200 mg you will have to swallow a pill. Just use water and swallow a pill down your throat. Do not use alcohol for intake because of its highly contraindicating nature.

Precaution Taking Before Avana 200mg

Avana 200 needs to be avoided with the use of alcohol or narcotic drugs. Both of them are contraindicating substances.

We recommend you always avoid some contraindicating medicines as well such as the use of nitrate compounds, alpha-blocker pills, blood pressure reducing pills, some contraceptive pills, and others.

Patients need to give a summary of their health as well. Remember that in case of a severe heart, liver, or kidney issue doctors may recommend you to avoid using the dose altogether.

Benefits of Using Avana 200mg

The ideal benefit that a patient should get provided they adapt to the working mechanism of the pills is being able to retrace one’s sexual life back on track. With the use of Avana 200, you can ensure having a normal sexual life like anyone else.

Dosage Of Avana 200mg

Avana 200mg needs to be taken in not more than an occasion per day. By taking more than this you severely increase the risks of having side effects.

As it is revealed from the dose name itself, each pill of the medicine will be having a 200mg content of Avanafil Citrate in it. It is the highest dose that you can take with a single pill.


Generally, the chances of a person ending up in overdose conditions are pretty high with the use of Avana 200 mg. This is because you have chances of excess intake with the maximum possible dose. and the most common side effect of this will be an occurrence of side effects.

Miss Dose

Do not miss doses too much. Because when you miss out on a dose you tend to have no erections at all.

Avoid To Take Avana 200mg

Not all patients can use the Avana 200mg pills well. There are a few cases in which the doctors may recommend you avoid using the dose.

These cases include times when the patient is generally allergic to the use of the substance Avanafil. There is a chance that you may end up having severe side effects and in case you do then you need to avoid using the pills as well.

Side Effects of Avana 200mg

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Fall of blood pressure
  • Lower libido


As you can see that some of the side effects tend to be more severe than the other ones. And in such a case the severe ones are the ones you need to be on the watch for. Some side effects on the other hand can be milder ones that eventually go away as you adjust more to the use of the dose.

Storage of Avana 200mg

Storage of Avana 200 is best done in the normal room temperature itself provided that the room temperature does not go beyond 30 degrees Celsius maximum with low humidity as well.

Avana 200mg Review

Avana 200mg has been able to garner mostly positive reviews from the patients on most occasions. The reviews seem to portray that patients are satisfied with the efficacy and time of action for the pills.

Some patients even said about Avana 200 reviews say that the dose comes with a low chance of side effects unless you are not abiding by the prescribed rules.


Avana 200mg is a dose to give in as much Avanafil for letting you have a hard penis erection. The use of the substance is only to be recommended when the patients have ED disorder.

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