If you do not like our service or the product then you can ask for a return and refund provided you match with our specified terms and conditions without our return and refund rules which are duly stated here.

All customers buying medicines on our portal as herby encouraged to check out our return and refund policy and guidelines to avoid contradictions and arising disputes.

We try and give as much freedom to customers during canceling your order but we do have some specific rules you need to abide by for us to accept your return and refund order.

When do we execute a return and refund order?

A return and refund order will certainly be auto executed each time a customer cancels their order. When you can cancel your order you will be receiving a cancelation email from us that specified in detail the list of your medicines canceled including the refund value.

If you have any doubts and clarifications you can email us or speak with our customer helpdesk executives.

How do we conduct a refund and return?

All return and refund orders will be only done via online bank transfer. No cash refunds are done. If you cancel your order you will have to agree to this basic norm which is also stated in our cancelation policy.

Remember that in case you have already received your order you will have to cancel vide return and refund the order within a maximum time of 7 days that also includes holidays.

Post this our representative will be visiting your delivery address to pick up the return order. But before they do so they will also check the package for signs of seal breaking or any form of tampering.

The right to cancel your return and refund order belongs with us and our pick-up representative. As soon as we get confirmation of the return pick up from our representative we will begin our processing of the refund amount.

You will also get an email from us that your return order for pick up has been successfully executed and that now you have to specify r furnish your online bank details.

If you do not respond with your online bank account details then we will not be able to conduct the online refund order.

Some basic rules to adhere to during a refund and return an order

There are some basic terms and conditions for us to accept your return and refund order and these are specified below-


The general timeline for delivered product refund orders is a maximum time duration of 7 days post the date of delivery.

Furnishing bank account details

After the return pickup is completed you will be receiving an acknowledgment email from us. in response to this email, you will have to share your bank account details with us so that can proceed with the online refund request.

Agreeing with the online fund transfer

You will have to agree to an online fund transfer request. Remember that no return and refund order will be executed by direct cash payment.

Accepting to the non-refundable sections

Any return and refund order will mean that there will be some charges levied.

For example, a return pick upcharge, the taxes you paid, any customs duty paid, local courier charges paid are non-refundable.






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