Surely you would love to check out which services we provide guarantee and on which ones we don’t. At our portal, we provide certain guarantees on a few services. But on some, it is entirely on to the customer when they are buying medicines on our portal.

No guarantee on discounts and offers

We do not provide any guarantee on getting any discount and offers. Yes, you will find offers and discounts throughout the year but none of them are guaranteed to you.

Only those customers who will successfully make the payment are eligible for the discounts and offers. The offers and discounts that you see on our portal are subject to change from time to time and are only existent sometimes on a few select medicine brands and doses.

The discounts and offers are valid only for a time being and you will have to make your purchase within the cut-off date to be eligible to get the offers.

No guarantee of getting a refund and return

We do not provide any guarantee on refund and return. This is especially true in those circumstances when the product has already been delivered to our customer.

Yes, you do get a time of 7 days from the date of receiving your order to cancel your order anytime. But after 7 days are over we will not entertain your refund and return request.

Even then subject to not tampering or using the product which our return pick-up representative will duly check for, at the time of the pick, we will proceed or cancel your return and refund order.

No guarantee of nil side effects

We do not provide any guarantee of nil side effects on using the medicines from our portal. You must read the product information details as given on the website or consult with your doctor about the possible causes of side effects and contraindications arising out of the use of medicines.

We cannot be held liable in any way for any side effects that you suffer from after buying and using the medicines from our portal.

No guarantee on delivery within the specified time

We do not provide any guarantee of delivery within the specified date and time. After you have completed the payment you will receive an email from us giving complete details of your order such as medicinal brand names, order quantity, order price, and expected delivery date.

But this date may be subject to change as we wish. The time for delivery may get delayed due to natural calamities, or any other drastic measures, or even at our facility for shipment of the package.

The only thing you can do here is if you are unsatisfied with our service you can cancel your order and ask us for a refund but that is also subject to a few charges and amounts being deducted from your order amount.

No guarantee of total cure

We do not provide any guarantee of getting fully cured by using medicines on our portal. You see we do market our website and the medicines being sold but do not claim them to be better than what you get elsewhere.

It is the sole responsibility of the customers to check out from their doctor about the inherent risks associated with taking any medicine and finding out how much they can suit to any dose or brand.


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