We are a portal that offers you explicit content on drug policy. We believe that each customer buying medicines on our portal has the right to check out the drug policy to find out more about what we guarantee our customers and what we don’t.

Having this information you will be aware of all the information and avoid unnecessary disputes later.

Product information on our website

The product information that you see on our website is gathered based on the content online. We simply collect and share useful information that we feel customers should know while purchasing online.

We do not create any information for the product information and this is why you cannot hold us liable for any wrong sharing or distribution of online information.

We are not a promotional website promoting or marketing for any specific drug brand

We are not working for any pharmaceutical company as an online agent or distributorship. We do not promote any specific brand or dose of medicines. Rather all the content that you see has been collected after careful thoughts from online sources which we feel can be relevant for the customer to know about while buying drugs.

When you buy medicines or prefer any brand then it is entirely at the customer’s own risk. We always recommend buying the specific dose or brand of pills that your doctor has mentioned in the prescription.

We do not guarantee to be free from side effects

We also do not even guarantee any side-effect-free medicines. if you feel that we are promoting our medicines to be entirely free from side effects then do not make such an error.

While buying medicines on our portal we provide you with enough product reviews and product information such that you can understand the risks and the associated contraindicating chances and side effects arising out of the use of any medicine.

Even we always encourage you to consult with your doctor even when you have read the product reviews or the product information on our website.

We also have age confirmation rules and where you will have to necessarily comply that you are above 18 years or older while buying medicines online from our website.

Please ensure that you are at your risk of understanding the information and cannot blame us if you suffer from side effects after buying medicines from our portal.

Pricing policy on drugs

On our website, you must have seen varieties of offers based on the medicine brand or the dose. The pricing policy on our portal is subject to change from time to time as our management authority feels it is necessary.

You must have seen the pricing on our portal change. This is entirely based on the ongoing wholesale rates in the market and the demand for the medicines in the market.

While buying medicines from our website we do not guarantee you any fixed discount or cashback offer.

Which medicines you can buy from our portal?

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