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Sildenafil Citrate


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Bluemen 100Mg

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Bluemen 100Mg Bluemen 100Mg Bluemen 100Mg Bluemen 100Mg

Bluemen 100mg - 100-mg

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Overview of Bluemen 100mg

Bluemen 100mg is a medication containing generic Sildenafil. This pill when taken in can lead you to have a hard erection. Bluemen 100mg is a medicine that is designed to give men a potent hard erection.

Bluemen 100mg has the generic substance inside that is Sildenafil which can bring in the penile hardness.

Check with a doctor first and find out whether you can use the pills. for the use, you should be able to cope up to the dose and the generic substance that is Sildenafil.

What Is Bluemen 100mg Tablet?

Bluemen 100mg tablets provide you with the powers to enable a hard penis erection.

Using this tablet, men who are having ED may be due to any physical or psychological disorder will be able to enable a hard erection and bring back their sexual life to track.

During its use on a regular course, patients must know that ultimately a hard erection is not visible until the pill is entirely in effect and the patient stimulates the penis.


RSM Enterprises is the manufacturing entity. Due to owning the exclusive pill patent rights on the use of this brand name the company has not only got the manufacturing exclusivity, but also holds rights of distribution, ascertaining pricing policies, ensuring proper contracts with distributors, and assuring its exports.


The composite substance which is there in the pills to enable a man with a hard erection is the substance known as Sildenafil. It is one of the common members of the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting a family of PDE-5 hormones.

Sildenafil’s Bluemen 100mg is one of the generic drug variants which is FDA approved.

Working of Bluemen 100mg

Bluemen 100mg will cause action with the release of Sildenafil which in turn can bring in the effects of Sildenafil that is the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting nature.

Generic Sildenafil causes the stoppage of the secretion of PDE-5 hormones and in comes the release of yet another hormone that is the cGMP hormone.

When the levels of secretion of cGMP are high it can generate the culminating stage which is the dilation of penis arteries and blood vessels. Due to this, there is a rise in the flow of blood vessels of the penis, and as a result penis tissues will become more sensitive. Getting an erection should be a touch of stimulation away from here.

How To Take Bluemen 100mg Tablet

To take in the Bluemen 100mg you will need to apply oral usage. This effectively means that you will have to gulp down a pill whole with water. Using other fluid items, especially using alcohol or grapefruit juice at this point can be risky since both of these substances belong to the contraindication initiating category.

Precaution Taking Before Bluemen 100mg

Bluemen 100 is a medium-dose pill and is ideal for intake only if the doctor recommends it. Do not proceed to take the pills without getting confirmation from a doctor.

You will also have to inform doctors in case you have any other pre-existing disorders.

Let the doctors know if you are having any contraindicating medicines such as alpha-blocker pills, nitrate derivative compound pills, and those that help reduce blood pressure, we recommend you to carry samples of all pills and ongoing prescriptions in case you wish to buy medicines and use them.

Benefits of Using Bluemen 100

Bluemen 100 has got many benefits. First of all, the 100mg dose of the medicine is the standard dose. it should also be able to serve your erection needs until 6 hours post intake.

The other benefit is that Bluemen 100mg is a generic variant and thus on comparing prices you will surely find this one to be cheaper.

Dosage Of Bluemen 100mg

Bluemen 100mg is a dosage that has standard dose strength and should be able to cater to a hard erection. ideally, the medicine is best for intake only when you have no more than one pill intake per day.


Overdose is a situation where the existing levels of 100mg of Sildenafil become too much for your body to cope with and this may result in side effects.

In such a case you are to visit the doctors asking them to reduce the amount of your daily dose.

Miss Dose

If you miss out on your standard dose schedule it may bring problems in achieving harder erections. This occurs due to the lack or nil presence of Sildenafil.

Avoid To Take Bluemen 100mg

You may avoid taking the Bluemen 100 pills for some reason. One of them is that you must not take the pills when you are having consistent side effects. the other thing about using the pills is that you must avoid having this pill in case the doctors have recommended you to go for a small dose.

Side Effects of Bluemen 100mg

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Fall of blood pressure
  • Lower libido
  • Priapism

Remember that you must not keep having the pills in case you are witnessing continuing side effects. Inform the doctors if you are having consistent side effects or any type of severe side effects.

Storage of Bluemen 100mg

Storing your pills of Bluemen 100mg is best done when you keep them in the normal room temperature and humidity environment. High humid levels can cause problems because they may not be able to have the pills stored for months. You must ensure to have your pills stored in a dark place where direct sunlight will not come across the pills.

Bluemen 100mg Review

Bluemen 100mg has got some good reviews for its name. It has been able to provide you with a strong effect on having erections. The medicine has got a strong erection-inducing capability and the effects of the pills are sustainable too over the short term.


Bluemen 100 mg is a generic Sildenafil pill that can enable a hard erection for you. it is the generic Sildenafil component that can provide you with a hard erection.

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