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Bluemen 25mg

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Bluemen 25Mg Bluemen 25Mg Bluemen 25Mg Bluemen 25Mg

Bluemen 25mg - 25-mg

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What Is Bluemen 25mg?

Bluemen 25mg is a medicine that you use to find a hard erection. If not getting one on your own then you can make use of these pills to find inducing hardness on your erections. It is the power of Generic Sildenafil Citrate that enables one to get a strong potent and hard erection.

You can use the pills but then remember that the generic substance inside the substance is Generic Sildenafil is a prescription substance and therefore you can avail of this brand of ED pill only with a doctor’s prescription.

What Are The Uses Of The Bluemen 25mg?

Bluemen 25mg as we told you above has the erectile powers capable of giving you erectile hardness. When you use this pill Sildenafil will increase surplus have penile hardness.

Using this pill one must remember that it will not generate erectile hardness right away. There is a minimum waiting time for Sildenafil to induce a chain of events that finally results in increasing the blood flow supply to the penis tissues.

Even then with a rise in insensitivity, you will not find any hardness until you stimulate and tempt the penis to make it hard.

How To Take Bluemen 25mg?

Taking Bluemen 25mg is easier and similar to using any oral pill. After taking the pill, swallow it with water Don’t just fill in your mouth to the brim with water, or else you will have difficulty in swallowing the pills.

Remember that this is not a chewy type pill or a sublingual pill that melts in your mouth. Bluemen 25mg pills are meant for swallowing the pills in whole.

Dosage Of Bluemen 25mg

The availability of Bluemen 25mg in different doses is what makes it capable for different patients with differing severities of erectile hardness.

Bluemen 25mg doses start from a very small dose such as 25mg. And then this will gradually go up with the highest dose of available at Bluemen 100mg.

There are different doses in between the smallest and the highest dose like Bluemen 50mg.

Based on your capabilities to deal with the vigorous powers of generic Sildenafil the doctor is going to recommend you a dose.


When you take extra amounts of generic Sildenafil the extra amounts will trigger side effects. This overdosing is such a serious issue. You must retain that it is only the right dose that can help to find the maximum results.

By taking in extra amounts of Sildenafil you are not able to cure ED faster rather it will only generate side effects.

Side effects depend on how many overdoses you have taken. Supposing if you are to use the Bluemen 25mg dose and you overdose and use the Bluemen 25mg dose then you take a double dose than what you need.

On the other hand, if you deliberately take the Bluemen 25mg dose then you quadruple your dose and the side effects generated in this case are going to be much more severe.

Missed Dose

You can logically deduce what might happen in case of missing a dose when you know about the working nature of Bluemen 25mg. You see, all ED pills including Bluemen 25mg are short-term working medicines that are only active for a few hours.

So this means that when it’s time for your next dose the effects of the previous dose are way over. So guess what happens if you miss a dose?

Well, simply put you don’t find erectile dysfunction that’s all.


All men taking any dose of Bluemen 25mg are to adhere to the following sets of basic precautions-

Alcohol Avoidance

Avoiding alcohol is one of your top priorities. In case you are heavily addicted to alcohol then you better forget using the pills. Alcohol triggers side effects and even does not allow generic Sildenafil to work in full flow.

Avoiding Driving

Driving is something that you are not intended to do after having your daily dose of Bluemen 25mg. You see, most men taking Bluemen 25mg might experience mild headaches, dizziness, or drowsiness. And under such effects driving a car on a busy highway can only increase the chances of an accident which of course will want to avoid right?

Patients With Heart, Liver, Or Kidney Disorders

Patients who are suffering from heart, liver, and kidney disorders may find the use of Bluemen 25mg restricted for them as per the doctor’s instructions. In some cases, the doctor might readjust your dose to a smaller dose to help you avoid side effects.

Side Effects

Side effects are observable only when you heavily overdose or use a contraindicating pill. Try and avoid using an overdose unnecessarily and avoid all contraindicating medicines or other substances which we will mention below.

Side effects may range from mild to gross ones. Side effects include-

Storage Conditions

Storing your Bluemen 25mg pills under the right conditions of temperature and humidity is highly critical. The best range of temperature in which your pills even if you buy them in bulk can thrive for months includes the normal room temperature.

Yes, the normal room temperature range is enough to keep the pills working just fine for months of use. This means that you don’t have to store the pills in a refrigerator or essentially in a cold place.

The best temperature range for working the pills includes 10 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. The humidity range though is intolerable and one must not store the medicines under highly humid conditions. This will severely affect the pills.

Why Buy Bluemen 25mg From Us?

You may Buy Bluemen 25mg from us as we are one of the reputed sellers of this brand. With our online website, you get full security for sharing your private and confidential information and a host of payment options for faster payment.

You can buy low-cost and quick pills from us. the shipping charges for medicines are quite low in comparison to other websites.


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