Kidney Stones

Why Kidney Stones Are Associated With Erectile Dysfunction

Are you having symptoms of ED? Are you not getting sufficient erections during sexual encounters? Are you feeling pain in the kidney stones? One of the causes of erectile dysfunction could be kidney stones which is a urologic condition.

Kidney stones affect a large number of men in the present times. There is no specific age group for those suffering from kidney stones. Men of all ages can suffer from kidney disease which in turn affects their sexual health.

One of the urologic conditions is kidney stones which are affecting millions of men across the globe. When you have kidney stones, you experience excruciating pain in the kidneys. Not many men are aware that kidney disease can give rise to erectile dysfunction in men. As a result, men are not able to attain and maintain a stiff penis at the time of erection.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that impacts men’s sexual lives as well as health. This sexual dysfunction affects men of all ages and it can significantly affect a man’s relationship to a greater extent. If you are diagnosed with kidney disease, you should know that it can impact your erectile health too. Vidalista 20mg (Tadalafil) Tablets is an effective medicine that gives men relief from erection hassles.

Introduction To Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are commonly known as renal calculi. Kidney stones are hard minerals that deposit in the kidneys. It is important to know that kidney stones can vary in shape and size. The size of the kidney stone ranges from the size of a grain of sand to the size of a golf ball.

The size and shape of kidney stones may vary from person to person. Kidney stones are composed of uric acid, calcium oxide, cystine, and struvite.

With kidney stones, you get discomfort and intense pain in the affected kidney. Some men feel discomfort in the urinary tract due to kidney stones. The urinary tract comprises ureters, kidneys, urethra, and bladder.

In any part of the urinary tract, kidney stones may be formed. The stones are formed in the kidneys which later pass through the ureters. When you are diagnosed with kidney stones, get it treated at the earliest.

Erectile Dysfunction Overview

Men who do not get and sustain a firm erection at the time of sexual intimacy. When men are not able to sustain a firm erection, they suffer from impotence. A large number of men of all ages experience impotence at a certain point of age. In erectile dysfunction, blood supply stops and it does not pass through the penis. Restricted blood flow in the genital organs gives rise to erectile dysfunction in men.

Mostly, older men are affected with impotence because of their growing age. In the present times, younger men also suffer from impotence because of their unhealthy lifestyle habits. Erectile dysfunction can be treated with Viagra pills.

Incorporating some lifestyle tweaks can also reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. There are various medications for ED such as Avanafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Sildenafil which address imperative drugs in treating impotence.

Having the right medicine can keep erection problems away in men. Impotent men need to take impotence pills as they are instructed to take. When the medication is consumed in the right way, it can show positive results quickly. You need to have your doctor’s prescription and permission first to take medicines for ED when tug suffer from kidney disease.

How Are Kidney Stones Handled In The ED?

It is necessary to treat the underlying health issue which can fix impotence issues. The treatments for kidney stones are getting some physical exams from time to time, consuming healthy foods, and getting physical activities regularly.

Other treatments for kidney disease include avoiding smoking cigarettes, getting sufficient quality sleep, maintaining a healthy weight, and managing stress. Other treatments consist of kidney transplants, dialysis, and taking prescription medicines.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction include vacuum erections, testosterone replacement therapy, and penile injection. Other treatments for erectile dysfunction are sex therapy, penile implants, and drugs that cause an erection.

Patients will be asked to do some tests for erectile dysfunction and kidney stones. The medical tests will let a doctor know the present condition of erectile dysfunction and kidney stones. As per the medical report, medicines and treatments will be done accordingly.

Erectile Dysfunction And Kidney Stones May Be Related

It is proven that erectile dysfunction and kidney stones are linked with each other. When a man suffers from kidney stones, he also suffers from impotence problems. Men who have erectile dysfunction issues will also be affected by kidney problems.

This could be due to poor kidney function that affects multiple systems in the body which affects erectile dysfunction. Multiple systems that affect impotence are vascular health, hormonal imbalance, and energy levels.

Many health experts believe that erectile dysfunction can be a side effect of certain medicines for kidney problems. Dealing with chronic kidney disease may cause mental health problems. As a result, mental health problems can impact erectile function.

Kidney disease damages the nerves of blood vessels which affect the supply of blood in the sex organ. Kidney disease may affect how well other tissues and organs in the body function. Kidney disease can have an impact on blood circulation, hormone levels, and nerve function.

These things pose a negative impact on erectile function. Energy levels and certain drugs give rise to erectile dysfunction. The buildup of toxic waste leads to kidney damage which in turn also affects erectile function.

How Long Does A Kidney Stone Last?

The amount of time it can take for a kidney stone to pass varies from person to person. If the kidney stone is smaller in size, it may take the stone to remain in the body for two weeks. If the size of the stone is larger, it will remain in the body for three weeks.

Does Viagra Damage Kidney Stones?

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction can take Viagra pills to treat impotence. It is proven that Viagra pills may be apt for men with kidney problems. Taking Viagra can cause low blood pressure. Hence, men with heart disease will have to consult with a healthcare professional to know whether this drug will be safe or not.

Some health experts believe that men with kidney problems may have to be cautious while taking Viagra. Overdoing Viagra on kidney stones can be dangerous for men’s health. Severe kidney damage may likely crop up if a man with kidney disease overdoses on Viagra pills.

Safeguard your affected kidney with high consumption of fluids. Drinking plenty of water while ingesting Viagra pills can keep men safe from kidney damage. Men also have to stay away from nitrate medicines while having Viagra. Have proper consultations with your doctor before consuming Viagra pills.

Recommendations And Implications

  • While consuming Viagra pills during kidney disease, you need to seek permission from your medical provider.
  • Take erectile dysfunction pills as long as you are told to take them.
  • Exceeding the dose or missing out on the pill can cause impotence problems.
  • Men who have not crossed 18 years of age are strictly prohibited from ingesting the impotence pill.
  • There are various dosages of Viagra pills. When you have a kidney disease, your medical provider will tell you which dose will be appropriate for your health.
  • Your medical provider will usually start with a lower dose to make the ED pill suitable for your body.
  • Taking nitrate drugs or alcohol along with Viagra pills is not allowed.


Having kidney stones will give rise to erectile dysfunction in male patients. It is necessary to have proper medications so that the kidney stones do not affect your impotence problems.

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