Fildena 25mg


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Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


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Fildena 25mg

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Fildena 25mg Fildena 25mg Fildena 25mg Fildena 25mg

Fildena 25mg - 25-mg

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About Fildena 25mg

To cure Erectile Dysfunction there are many drugs out there, but not everyone can match the efficiency of Fildena 25mg. It has been helping men in their sexual interactions for a long time. Today medicine is high in demand not only in India but also abroad. ED has gained strength and become one of the most devastating disorders in a man’s life.

This is because of the mentality of men that they assume ED is a blow to their manliness. In some societies, an ED patient is taunted and made to feel that he has become less masculine. Such notions make the treatment of ED more difficult and often lead to mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

If used under the supervision of a doctor can improve situations by providing the necessary hardness to the penis. Thus, making sexual intercourse an enjoyable experience.

Manufacturer Of Fildena 25mg

Fortune Healthcare is the producer of Fildena 25mg which not only holds the responsibility of manufacturing but also of the distributor. Its presence is significant in foreign as well which makes it available for patients there. Hence, if you reside abroad or someone you know resides, then you can refer him to it.

It is one of the giants in the pharmaceutical industry but its beginning was humble with just a few drugs in its catalog. But today it produces drugs of every category just to cure fever, heart disorder, sexual wellness, abortion, and others.

Strength And Dosage

The strength of Fildena is 25mg with its main ingredient Sildenafil Citrate making most of the  Fildena. The catalysts and preservatives occupy the rest percentage of the drug. Strength and dosage are very specific parameters for every patient.

This is because each patient is different in their medical history, allergies, and infections. A specific dosage may become ineffective in someone but become highly reactive in another person’s body.

Apart from 25 Mg other strengths available in the market are Fildena 150Mg and Fildena 100 Mg.

Fildena 25mg Availability

Regarding availability, Fildena, 25 Mg ranks at the top of the list. The demand is so high that every shopkeeper has the drug in full stock. Thus, the availability is good. Not only in medical stores but you can easily get the drug on online sildenafilcitrates sites as well.

Use of Fildena 25mg

  • Sildenafil Citrate is the main ingredient of Fildena 25mg. It improves the blood spread in the lower regions of the body which ensures a good erection.
  • It also finds application while treating Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) where it solves the problem by reducing blood pressure.

How To Take It?

  • The procedure to take Fildena 25mg is as simple as getting it. You only need glass water.
  • Using other liquids with the drug is not recommended. People often have the desire to take the drug with intoxicating beverages like wine, whisky, etc. Such acts tend to reduce the efficiency of the drug.
  • Do not crush or chew the sildenafil tablets because it is not chewable. Swallow the medicine with a glass of water as full without disintegrating into pieces.

How Does It Work?

Fildena 25mg belongs to the group of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor drugs. They function in the body to reduce the PDE5 levels which increase the time of erection. PDE5 reduces the erection significantly after ejaculation of semen in normal situations.

When Fildena 25 reduces the amount of PDE5 in the body, lowering erection takes more time. Thus, allowing the couple to enjoy their sexual interaction for an extended duration. This is the reason that after taking it even after ejaculation penis remains erect.

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doctor can only give you the most appropriate and suitable dosage for only. Hence, do not listen to anybody but refer to the prescription only. For Fildena 25mg the most suitable dosage is 2 to 3 pills in 24 hours (a day).

If you think your current dosage is not showing any significant improvements then discuss the problem with the doctor. Many people try to solve the matter by taking excess dosage on their own. Such people often succumb to serious side effects that mess up their whole life.

How Long Fildena 25mg Should Be Continued

The duration of the drug is also like the dosage in terms of being variable for each patient. So, in any conflicts refer to the prescription because how long you need to take the drug is mentioned in it. Sometimes the doctor may feel that he/she needs to extend the time gap of the tour please do. Do not make such decisions on your own, it may land you in great trouble with life-threatening side effects.

Missed Dose

Do not take any more dosages of any drug on the day you missed the dose of Fildena 25mg. Missing the dose is not as threatening as an overdose because you may not encounter any side effects but surely the impact of the drug is reduced while fighting against the disorder. You should continue the dosage a day after at the same time when earlier dosages were taken.

When Not To Take It?

  • When the doctor has found you allergic to Fildena 25Mg. It is better if you change the drug and try any other ED pill.
  • When had heart attacks recently?
  • If you are suffering from fatal liver and kidney disorders.
  • If you need a different dosage of Fildena other than 25Mg.

Side effects

  • Blurred Eyesight – For a few moments one may feel blurred vision. If it lasts for a long duration inform the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Loss Of Sensation – Patients may experience decreased sensitivity to touch. If it does not go away inform the doctor.

Overdose Effects

Get ready to face some side effects if you have taken an excess dosage of Fildena 25mg. Some of the most common side effects are low blood pressure, headache, anxiety, depression, excessive sleepiness, laziness, ulcers, etc.

Precaution & Warning

  • One must follow the prescription without violating any single instruction.
  • If the patient is an old person, then he should take special precautions. At such an age the flexibility of muscles and tissues decreases which can cause serious muscle cramps.
  • Purchase the drug from a verified seller who is authorized by the regulating bodies. On online sites, sometimes the sellers are scammers who sell substitutes in the name of branded ones. Consuming such pills can cause terrible effects on the body.
  • In case you are taking any other Addendum currently, inform the doctor about it.

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