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Filitra 10 Mg

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Filitra 10 Mg Filitra 10 Mg Filitra 10 Mg

Filitra 10mg - 10-mg

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What is Filitra 10 mg?

Filitra 10 mg curing erectile dysfunction is a generic component of the acting substance vardenafil. The medicine does show its effectiveness in getting a hard erection for patients. To use the medicine you need to approach a doctor, discuss the symptoms that you possibly feel are a threat to having ED and then the doctors are going to let you through a proper diagnostic process.

Vardenafil generic Filitra 10 is not recommended for any patients who are below the age of 18 or more than 64 year age. Remember that the use of Filitra 10mg medicines is only going to attain a temporary cure and not a permanent one against ED or impotence.

What Is Filitra 10 used for?

The drug Filitra 10mg which is a brand of vardenafil generic Levitra has potential benefits in relieving the symptoms of ED. When you don’t get a hard erection this is the right time to use this brand provided you have the prescription from your doctor.

Filitra 10mg is a medication that will help you to attain an almost 5 hours effectiveness time with the effects of the intake of a single pill. But the maximum daily doses for anyone is not to exceed more than a single pill per day.


Fortune Healthcare is the manufacturer of the drug. Right now the company is not just looking after the entire responsibilities of manufacturing but also has the authority and responsibility of meeting its deadline and shipment of orders to its various sellers and distributors around the world.

Fortune healthcare is one of the largest drug manufacturing companies in India that is also working towards the research of advanced drugs and APIs. This is not the only drug the company is currently manufacturing in the ED space.


It is Vardenafil that is the element of which the Filitra 10 mg pills have constituents. This element also has an FDA-approved variant brand that is selling in the USA. The brand name Levitra is the same as that of Filitra 10mg but the only difference is in terms of FDA approval.

Vardenafil has several doses under its affinity and doctors are likely to find a suitable dose of this generic element after diagnosis and recommend it to the patients.

Filitra 10 mg dosage

Filitra 10 dose is going to last for up to a maximum time of 5 hours. Within these 5 hours, the patient will be able to witness the effects of the drug that is terms of ease of getting or sustaining a hard erection.

Filitra 10mg need not be taken more than once daily. But what is more important is the timing of intake. And as for this, you should ideally take your medicines just before sex to enhance your actionable timing.


A possible overdose of the generic substance vardenafil may occur in your body. This necessitates the patients to visit a doctor and lower their dose to a suitable one.

Miss dose

Generally, if you miss taking your dose on time then avoid taking it if it’s already too late. Ideally, there should be around an 8 to 10-hour gap between your successive pill intake. Along with this avoid doubling the next dose as this creates chances of side effects.

How to take Filitra 10mg

Filitra 10mg pills need the entire pill to swallow through your mouth. Use water for this to make it easier. Alongside this, you will also need to avoid using alcohol for up to a few hours before taking the medicine and for the whole acting time for generic Levitra.

The reason for this is the contraindication tendency that the drug has along with alcohol.  The same also extends to grape juice as you should avoid it as well.

When should you avoid taking Filitra 10mg?

Generally, it may happen for patients to suddenly stop their course of Filitra 10mg. there may be certain scenarios where this is the only left-out choice for you.

One instance is that of having extreme or severe side effects. If you are experiencing severe side effects do not continue with your dose. It may happen as the Filitra 10mg is over the tolerable dose.

Another instance for a general avoidance of Filitra 10mg will be for all the generally allergic patients who may have severe allergies and infections on using any brand of vardenafil such as Filitra 10mg.

Vardenafil dosage

Vardenafil is a generic element inhibiting the actions of PDE-5 hormones in your body to bring in erections. A general dose of 10mg is ideally helpful and at par with treating only a mild to moderate severity variant of ED.

Filitra 10 mg Side Effects

Filitra 10 mg may cause side effects in the patients as well. These side effects have several reasons for occurring. Of course, an overdose is a possible option where the patient mistakenly or deliberately uses a dose that is non-tolerable for their body.

But some mild side effects may also occur during the first few doses of using the medicine. These include headache, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Persistency of these side effects for more than a few days should be concerning and then patients must consult with a doctor.

Along with this some rare cases of extreme side effects may be possible too. These include severe headache, chest pain, fall in blood pressure, priapism, and so on. When these side effects are occurring visit a doctor immediately and stop further course.

Working of Filitra 10mg

Filitra 10mgis a medicine such that when you take it, after some time it releases the generic substance inside it that is Vardenafil.

Soon vardenafil gives its natural effects which are to block the secretion and functioning of the PDE-5 hormones in your body. This results in the secretion of a so far inhibited hormone that is the cGMP hormone.

The secretions of the cGMP hormone put to trigger and release the body’s natural vasodilation agent which is nitric oxide. Eventually, due to nitric oxide’s vasodilation effects, the blood vessels dilate, and eventually, it carries more blood to the penis tissues. This helps an impotent patient to enable an erection through higher sensitivity and stimulation.

Filitra 10 reviews

Filitra 10mg has so far been used by patients from India and some abroad countries too. So far most all patients have only benefitted from the long-term actions of the pill that also allows penis hardness.

Filitra 10mg reviews are mostly available on the leading online platforms and some of the review websites. So do check out to get some practical guidelines from the patients along with getting a close experience.


Filitra 10mg medication may cause the patients to enable penis hardness and get over issues with impotence for the time being.


 How long is a dose of Filitra 10 mg effective?

Filitra 10mg will have a time of action of around 5 hours.

What are some of the other doses under the Filitra brand?

Along with the 10mg dose, you also have Filitra  20mg and Filitra 40mg doses for generic vardenafil which is also available under the Filitra brand name.

Which medicines to avoid during your Filitra 10mg course?

Some medicines that may bring about contraindication tendencies include alpha-blocker medicines, any medicine that contains a compound of nitrates, other medicine brands for ED, pills for curing PE, and so on.


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