Hiforce 50mg


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Sildenafil Citrate


Healing Pharma


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50 Mg

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Hiforce 50 Mg

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Hiforce 50 Mg Hiforce 50 Mg Hiforce 50 Mg Hiforce 50 Mg

Hiforce 50mg - 50-mg

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What is Hiforce 50 Mg?

Hiforce 50 Mg is medicine to enable erection potency in men. It is favorable for a man with an erection disorder. Ideally, the benefits of using this pill can be found out by a person who is suffering from ED or impotence disorder. It is such a type of disorder where you don’t have an erection easily on your own.

It is thus that you get an assist from the drug to be able to use the medicine. To use the medicine you need to suit the dose and be able to adjust with Sildenafil not having any contraindicating capabilities with it.

About Hiforce 50Mg

Hiforce is a medicine an oral intake dose with the powers of generic substance Sildenafil in it that can get you to erectile hardness. it is a medicine that works for getting you to a stage of reaching erectile hardness where the actions of using the pill are temporary.

The substance Sildenafil will begin to work with PDE-5 hormone inhibition that enables you to have a hardened penis and get an erection.

Manufacturer of Hiforce 50 Mg

Healing Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturing entity of the pills. the company has got patent rights to the drug formula and the brand name. It receives its revenues after selling the drug mostly in the Indian markets as a generic dose but over the years the company has also seen export orders arriving. Apart from this male sexual erection disorder curing pills, there are other brands that the company is into manufacturing, selling, and distributing too.

Strength and Dosage of Hiforce 50Mg

Hiforce 50 Mg is a brand name and does not specify a single dose. To know about the dose you need to visit a doctor. you see the brand name has got several different strengths to it. Here we inform you of the various doses that you can find in this brand but remember that as far as your intake is considered you must follow with the dose that the doctors prescribe you only.

The common doses that come under this brand name include 50mg, Hiforce 100 Mg, Hiforce 150, and Hiforce Oral Jelly. as you can see that it is only the amount of generic substance that varies and nothing else.


The availability of the Hiforce medicine is there both on the online and offline websites. To check out the availability of the pills you need to find out about a shop or a website where you can find the stock. Head out to your nearest medicine shop to buy this pill or else you can also check out a website where you can find the pills.  Of course, the decision is yours so you need to check out the best deals for sourcing the pills.

Use of Hiforce 50

Using the Hiforce pills patients need to follow a specific dose and a routine for it. Its use is single only and that is to curate your penis to a hard erection.

This is a medicine that you can use for curbing ED but remember that you must not get swayed into the thoughts of a permanent cure since it is not possible. The effects of the medicine can be best realized for a period of a maximum of 6 hours but no longer than this.

How to take Hiforce 50 Mg?

The oral intake method is ideal where you need to swallow a pill down through your throat. The intake method is not to be confused with crushing, breaking, or chewing the pills. remember that you need to gulp it down whole and in case you have any swallowing problems then report it to the doctors.

There is only the need for administering the dose a single time during the day. There is no need for you to take the pills any more than once.

How does Hiforce 50 Mg?

Hiforce 50 Mg pills will work based on providing erectile hardness by increasing the flow or supply of blood to the main penis tissues of the corpus cavernosal. It is a pill dose that achieves this stage by ensuring some hormonal changes in your body to bring about the other effects.

These include inducing more cGMP hormone secretion and then this is followed up with more secretion of nitric oxide that allows you with penis hardness.


A single pill dose is enough to dose or administration per day.it can bring about 6 hours of effective time but do not get tempted to have any more pills at least for a safe duration of 24 hours. remember that intake of more Sildenafil can crop up side effects.

How long Hiforce shall be continued

Any length of time that the doctors feel is right for you to safely administer the dose is safe. Any time that is greater than a year is chosen carefully by the doctors when you are on a Hiforce pill at a stretch.

Missed a dose of Hiforce

With the absence of Sildenafil, you do not get a hard erection. adhere to intake of a dose at a specific time.


Possibilities of side effects are with-

  • Alcohol
  • Grape juice
  • Nitrate pills
  • Alpha blocking agents
  • Pills for reducing blood pressure
  • Pills that are used for curing bacterial, fungal, and viral infections

When not to take Hiforce 50 Mg

Do not take Hiforce 50 Mg if the doctors recommend which can be due to allergic tendencies or your health. Avoid intake if having severe suffering of various side effects.

Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Fall of blood pressure
  • Lower libido
  • Priapism
  • Hazy vision
  • Dry mouth
  • Fall of blood pressure
  • Reduced hearing capabilities

Overdose Effects of Hiforce

It is due to overdose that the above-given side effects or many among those may crop up. You need to specifically avoid using an overdose since the effects of the medicine are more than what your body needs or can sustain.

Precaution & Warning

Prevention of alcohol and grape juice intake are some of the best measures to avoid those substances that belong to the contraindication category of pills. Apart from this, you also need to ensure the prevention intake of pills that contain alpha-blocking substances in them or any other nitrate compound.



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