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Tadaga Oral Jelly

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Tadaga Oral Jelly Tadaga Oral Jelly Tadaga Oral Jelly

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What is Tadagra Oral Jelly?

If you are suffering from ED then you might have come across many ED medicinal brands but not one like Tadagra Oral Jelly. Tadagra Oral Jelly is a new type of medicine considering its intake method and acting method, but it is used for curing the ED disorder only. Curing your penis off the impotence disorder this oral jelly type pill you to achieve long-staying harder erections.

This medicine is ideal for those patients who are suffering from an impotence disorder that hinders their natural capabilities to get hard.

By using one pill of this brand you can achieve the inducing nature of hard erections using the chief ingredient within the pills which we will come to know later.

What Are The Uses Of The Tadagra Oral Jelly?

Considering the uses of the Tadagra Oral Jelly this has one major purpose use as we mentioned above. This is recommendable under a doctor’s prescription for curing the male impotence disorder although temporarily only.

But apart from its primary purpose use in curing the male sexual penal disorder it also has two other uses. Remember that the uses that we are going to inform you of now are only used as a subsidiary form of treatment.

These are for curing the enlarged prostate disorder which in medical terms is also known as benign prostate hyperplasia and for curing pulmonary arterial hypertension which is high pressure in the pulmonary artery.

Dosage Of Tadagra Oral Jelly

Tadagra Oral Jelly has many intake doses. We will check out the doses soon but for now, you must know about the generic substance within the pills.

The Tadagra Oral Jelly pills contain generic Tadalafil Citrate which is one of the members of the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting group. This substance has many doses for all its brand names including the Tadagra Oral Jelly brand. These include-

Starting from the smallest dose of 2.5 mg going all the way up to 60mg there are many variants. But before you randomly choose any dose remember that generic Tadalafil citrate is a prescription substance so before buying it you must get a confirmatory document from the doctor.

As far as the frequency of intake of the pills is considered the standard is to take one oral pill daily.

Benefits of using Tadagra Oral Jelly

Remember that we said earlier in this article that taking in Tadagra Oral Jelly does have some unique benefits?

Well, in case if you are using any of the other generic Tadalafil varieties of medicines then you may have a look at the benefits of this similar ingredient type medicine but one that does have some unique advantages of its own.

Easier intake method

The method for taking in the Tadagra Oral Jelly pills is much easier.  You just have to chew the pills and then you find they will dissolve away in a few minutes. This also gives an alternative form of medicine intake for those patients who don’t prefer to take the swallowing type pills.

Faster action

Tadagra Oral Jelly is the same as any other generic Tadalafil-containing ED medicine but has a faster actionable time. The time taken for the pills to start performing is merely around 15 to 20 minutes.

This is way less than what you get in the swallowing type pills wherein the waiting time is around 30 to 45 minutes. As the medicine is of the chewable type, upon chewing the medicines it mixes with saliva and eventually with blood and this is why it has a faster acting time.

Side effects

You will need to know about the side effects that are a rare possibility in case you are adhering to the guidelines and dosage instructions given by the doctor. Have a clear action plan in mind on how to deal with the side effects.

Side effects-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Palpitations
  • Stomach pain
  • Blurry eyes
  • Heartbeat getting faster and irregular
  • Drop-in blood pressure


Generic Tadalafil is such a substance that when you overdose might lead you to side effects. This is why overdose issues need to be seriously taken into account by all patients and they must avoid using an unnecessary higher dose.

The pain and discomfort that you may suffer from due to taking in the Tadagra Oral Jelly can range from milder ones to being extremely severe those that sometimes even require that urgently require the medical attention of a doctor.

Missed Dose

If you ever miss a pill don’t fear the side effects. You see with one missed pill of Tadagra Oral Jelly you don’t have to suffer from any side effects. But the problem with a missed dose is that you don’t find hard erections.

You see just like all other ED pills, Tadagra Oral Jelly is also a brand that is short-acting. Depending on the dose of the medicines this has a limited time frame for action that is limited to a maximum of 36 hours.

This means that if you forget to take your pills on time then the actions of the previous pill get completely exhausted. And therefore it does not allow you to achieve erectile hardness.


people who are wondering about using the Tadagra Oral Jelly from now on daily must also keep in mind that using this medicine comes with its own set of general precautions. Remember that the precautions that we give you here are of genera type that means it’s applicable for all patients. If there are some customized precautions then such things will be mentioned explicitly on the doctor’s prescription.

Things to avoid

On the list of things, we include a few general things that you must avoid and these include alcohol, grape juice, and narcotic substances like cocaine and marijuana.

Activities to avoid

In general sometimes activities like driving or others, anything that demands concentration ad focus is to be avoided as you may be under the influence of the commonly occurring side effects that may hinder your ability to focus. Such side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, and sleepiness.

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