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Tadarise 60mg

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Tadarise 60mg Tadarise 60mg Tadarise 60mg Tadarise 60mg

Tadarise 60mg - 60-mg

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What Is Tadarise 60mg?

Tadarise 60mg is a pill that provides penile hardness to a man who cannot get erections on their own. If you are in this situation and wonder about using Tadarise 60mg then first of all let’s inform you of the fact that you are suffering from a disorder called erectile dysfunction failure which is also medically coined as Erectile Dysfunction or impotence.

Then you must also know that using Tadarise 60mg might just be one of your options provided you are asked to do the same by a doctor.

Taking in the Tadarise 60mg is going to be fruitful and worthy of upbringing penile hardness but only till the time, its generic ingredient is Tadalafil will work.

Manufactures Of Tadarise 60mg

The manufacturers of the Tadarise 60mg are a firm based out of India named Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. The company has its headquarters in Gandhinagar Gujarat.

The company is an ISO 9001:2015 standard-certified company and has also received certification as a WHO and GMP-certified company.

Apart from the Tadarise 60mg or the entire brand of Tadarise, the company is also involved in the manufacturing of other pills for ED cure including Super P Force, Super Tadarise, Extra Super Tadarise, Zhewitra, Zudena. Each of these pills has a different ingredient than that of the Tadalafil.

The company has well-diversified operations such as in multiple areas like pharmaceutical sciences, clinical pharmacy, biomolecular sciences, biomolecular design, and manufacturing bioregulatory medicines.

What Are The Uses Of The Tadarise 60mg?

With Generic Tadalafil inside the pills, the use of Tadarise 60 mg is mostly done to give you a harder erection. This is one of the pills that can help you in curing erectile dysfunction although temporarily.

But this is not the only use for medicines. Sometimes as a secondary treatment and only under the vigilance of doctors, the pills are recommended to patients for curing a larger prostate problem known as benign prostate hyperplasia and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

What Happens If You Take Too Much Tadarise 60mg?

Check out the above side effects and you will come to know what happens when you take a higher-than-necessary dose of Tadarise 60mg.

The intake method for Tadarise 60 Pill is by mouth and you have to swallow down a pill through your throat in whole with water.

Dosage Of Tadarise 60mg

Tadarise 60mg is a dose that is not for everyone. The 60 mg dose of generic Tadalafil that you get within each pill is not for everyone and this may cause overdose problems for some patients.

When it comes to the Tadarise brand the 60mg dose is by far the highest dose of Tadalafil that you can have with one pill.

Generally speaking, the highest dose is only recommendable to patients who are suffering from a severely increased problem of erectile dysfunction or those who have been on long-term use of the brand but with getting only limited effects with the smaller doses.


If you allow an overdose of the highest dose itself the results of this are going to be anything but severe.

But sometimes patients who have already been taking Tadarise 60mg or a smaller dose for months may face less severe side effects.

By and large, the most severe forms of side effects will be within those who are already allergic to generic Tadalafil or those who are taking in a generic Tadalafil variant such as a Generic Tadarise brand for the first time.

Missed Dose

Missing out on a dose may not make you suffer from the withdrawal symptoms or side effects as such as there are none for the Tadarise 60mg.

But surely if you keep continuing this trend for a very long time two things are bound to happen.

First of all, the working efficacy of generic Tadalafil will begin to go feeble as you may experience a less-than-desired hardening effect with an inconsistent frequent missed dose.

The second thing is that this is going to further elongate your treatment period.


For those of you who have been wondering about the precautions list for the medicines of Tadarise 60mg here, we have got them listed below for your reference-


Taking in alcohol might pose problems as two things will happen. First of all the working efficacy of generic Tadalafil will reduce itself. Then, the other problem is that you may face problems with side effects.


It’s better to stay at home and generally have the pills knowing that for the next few hours, you don’t have to go outside. Driving under some of the most commonly occurring side effects of the medicine might pose problems and increase the chances of accidents.

Any Women

All women are hereby duly told to avoid using the pills Tadarise 60mg as this is manufactured only for males suffering from erectile failure problems.

Liver, Kidney, And Cardiac Disorders

Those suffering from any problems or disorders in the heart, liver, and kidney are to duly state their problems to the doctors without a miss and not concealing any material facts.

Other Strengths

The other smaller varieties or doses with the same brand name include Tadarise 2.5mg, Tadarise 5mg, Tadarise 10mg, Tadarise 20mg, Tadarise 40mg, and of course, the one that we are talking about here is the Tadarise 60mg.

But remember that we are mentioning the Tadarise 60mg only as one of the variants of the dose and only for reference purposes.

Please make sure to consult the doctor to find exactly what dose of generic Tadarise you are most suitable for.

The answer to this question will be based on analyzing a lot of critical information from the doctors and generally includes the severity level of ED inside the patient, more importantly, the dose adapting capabilities with generic Tadalafil, current health, the existence of some diseases, addictive tendencies, and a few others.

Side Effects

Someone who has more chance of suffering from side effects includes those who will take a higher dose or those who will already have existing allergic tendencies with generic Tadalafil.

If you are going by the words of your doctor then there is a very minimum chance that you will suffer from side effects.

Even if you do then these will generally be feeble and all your side effects will eventually disappear within a matter of few days.

Side effects-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Pain
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Palpitations
  • Pale Face
  • Red Face
  • Tremors
  • Fever
  • Restlessness
  • Lower Libido
  • Priapism
  • Chest Pain
  • Fall In Blood Pressure
  • Irregular And Faster Heart-Throbbing


Generally, indications on dosage will be given in the prescription itself. Or else for further clarification, you may as well check out the back cover of the medicines

Storage Conditions

Less than 30 degrees Celsius with lower humidity are the best conditions for storing the medicines long-term. Avoid storing them in a refrigerator as this is unnecessary and in any case, the pills lose their abilities if you freeze them.

Storing the medicines in cool and less humid conditions is the best way to go about storing medicine. Also, ensure that even if feeble no direct sunlight comes in contact with the pills.

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