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Sildenafil Citrate


Alkem Laboratories Ltd.


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Zenegra-50mg Zenegra Zenegra Zenegra

Zenegra - 50-mg

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Zenegra - 100-mg

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Last updated on: July 16, 2024

What Is Zenegra?

Zenegra is a medicine that helps in recovering the male sexual disorder problems of erectile dysfunction.

On activation of this pill, it can magically allow your penis to get hard as you would normally stimulate the penis.

Such a pill is in demand for patients who have erectile dysfunction or impotence disorder as we told you above.

With using this medicine there is a capability of activating Sildenafil to enhance the blood flow supply through the penis tissues ensuring a highly sensitive penis.

Zenegra pills are a group of prescription medicines and hence anyone likely to use them will need to get affirmation from the doctors.

Sildenafil is the only core component that is present in the Zenegra.

Hence it is not hard to figure out that Sildenafil is the common generic name assigned to it.

Zenegra pills enable a strong erection to occur and are also popular by the name of Viagra generic.

Manufacturer Of Zenegra

The company that owns the Zenegra pills is Alkem Laboratories. This drug manufacturing firm has been able to formulate a new chewable capsule containing the generic substance Sildenafil in the form of liquid gel form.

What Is The Use Of This Tablets?

The use of the Zenegra pills provides an immediate and short-term remedy to the problems of erectile dysfunction.

Although generic Sildenafil is highly efficient in curing erection dysfunction no permanent changes in penis erection capabilities are likely to occur.

Using the Zenegra pills you can get hard erections but only until Sildenafil’s actions would last.

How To Take It?

The process to take the Zenegra pills is to directly swallow each medicine.

Allow to take some water in the mouth and gulp it down with the pill without breaking it open.

Activation of the medicine will allow it to produce its results for the next 6 hours that are to come.

Hence it is possible to experience a few hours of the medicine effects at least where you will have your sexual desires fulfilled.

Strength & Dosage

It as the brand name indicates contains an amount of 100mg of Sildenafil generic in each of its pills.

But there are other dose variants too such as a smaller dose of 50mg.

Substitutes under the similar chewable category of Sildenafil include Sildigra Soft 50mg capsules and Viagra Softgel pills.

·         Zenegra Lido Spray
·         Zenegra 50mg
·         Zenegra 100mg

Missed Dose

Do not miss taking your pills. Without provocation of Sildenafil, it is not possible to get a hard penis erection.


Avoid taking more than one medicine per day as it essentially means that you multiplying the effects of Sildenafil.

With this excess Sildenafil in your body, you end up getting side effects.

How Does It Work?

The process of working for the this is through activation of Sildenafil which allows the PDE-5 hormone inhibition to take charge and eventually allows cGMP hormone to be substituted with it.

This process leads to the secretion of nitric oxide a change that will allow the arteries to be dilated and ensure a higher blood flow.

Within the penis tissues, this higher blood flow causes a rise in penile sensitivity. Eventually, you end up getting a hard and strong erection due to a rise in sensitivity.

Side Effects

Usually, there may be occurrences of-

Minor Side Effects Severe Side Effects
·         Headache ·         Stomach Cramps
·         Dizziness ·         Palpitations
·         Nausea ·         Nervousness
·         Vomiting ·         Dry Mouth
·         Diarrhea ·         Tremors

But if these side effects keep getting severe and come up with each drug used avoid using the medicines and consult with the doctors.

Precaution & Warning

Using the Zenegra patients have to be careful and notice any side effects occurring.

Do not take the Zenegra pills with any high-causing substances such as alcohol or cocaine.

Avoid being involved in any task requiring a lot of focus and concentration such as driving after taking the Zenegra.

There is a possibility of drug interactions occurring with the use of Zenegra.

Most likely components present in other medicines such as compounds of nitrates, and substances like alpha and beta blockers can have drug interactions.

Due to the vasodilation effects of the medicine, it may not be suitable for those who are suffering from existing disorders such as high blood pressure, chest pain, and severe kidney issues.

Don’t mistakenly use the medicine if your age Has already crossed the age of 64 years since it is only allowable till this age.

Also, it is not allowed for an adolescent man to use this medicine.


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