7 Fruits That Will Give You Harder Erections

What is erection?

Are you not getting a hard penis during sex? If yes, you are going through erection issues or erectile dysfunction. Erection is when a man gets a firm penis during sexual intimacy. Not all men get a hard and firm erection during lovemaking. As a result, such men are deprived of a happy sex life.

As per recent statistics, one-third of all men experience impotence issues. Owing erection issues makes it difficult for men to enjoy sexual intimacy. In erectile dysfunction, men cannot keep or get a hard-on. If you suffer from chronic erection issues, several medications cure erection issues.

Erection problems occur when there is no blood flow in and around the penile region. A lack of blood supply in the male genital organ leads to impotence. To get a stiff penis, a penis must get sufficient blood flow. The blood restricts in the penis when you suffer from an underlying health condition.

When you receive treatment for erectile dysfunction, a healthcare provider prescribes you a certain impotence drug. You can come across various types of medications that are designed to treat erectile dysfunction. As per your recent health report, your medical provider prescribes you a specific dose of erectile dysfunction medicine.

Apart from medications, various types of foods may help sustain and attain stronger erections. When you eat foods that boost erectile function, you can enjoy sex life again. Fortunately, you can add various fruits which prove to be beneficial for men’s sexual health. When you add certain fruits to your diet, you will not experience erection issues anymore. Alongside ingesting fruits, you should also take Super P Force which treats impotence effectively.

Top Seven Fruits To Give You Harder Erections

If you want to treat erectile dysfunction without medicines, you need to resort to certain fruits. To overcome the challenges of impotence, nutrition plays a vital role. Fruits are loaded with nutrients that help restore your erectile function. Even after consuming certain fruits, you may need the help of medicines. Which fruits can boost your erectile function? Below mentioned is a list of certain fruits that can bring positive changes to your erectile dysfunction issues.


The red juicy fruit, watermelon, are rich in lycopene and L-citrulline. These two components can do wonders for your sexual health. When you eat watermelon, you get sufficient amounts of citrulline. This component helps blood vessels to unwind and promotes the circulation of blood throughout the penis.

When you eat watermelon, you will be able to keep your erection for a long while. When there is adequate blood supply in and around the penile region, you can keep and get an erection. With watermelons, you can also improve your testosterone levels. When your testosterone levels are high, you will not suffer from impotence. Good testosterone levels help you enjoy good sexual health.


Who does not like to consume apples? The red-colored fruit is known for its countless health benefits. When you fall sick, doctors advise you to eat apples. This essential fruit is loaded with fiber which is required for maintaining good health. Men who suffer from prostate cancer should consume apples. If you suffer from prostate cancer, you will feel difficulty achieving and keeping an erection.

The peels of apples contain an active compound, ursolic acid. When you eat apples, the effective compound prevents prostate cancer cells from growing. When you consume an apple every day, you can beat prostate issues effectively. When you do not have prostate problems, you will not suffer from impotence. As you consume apples daily, you should also ingest Fildena. It is a potent impotence medicine that cures erection issues in men.


When you go through erection issues, you experience low libido. When your sex drive is low, you do not feel like making love with your partner. To increase your libido and to increase erectile function, consume bananas. This essential fruit consists of potassium which helps boost the production of testosterone.

When you eat bananas regularly, the male sex hormone boosts, and the level of libido increases automatically. Bananas also consist of Tryptophan which enhances the secretion of serotonin. Eating bananas helps increase your sex drive and boosts your mood. The reproductive organs of men function well when they eat bananas daily. With increased libido, you will not suffer from impotence problems.


To get an erection, your penis must get an adequate blood supply. The muscles and tissues of the penis should be spongy. When you eat pomegranates, nitric oxide in the fruit helps penile tissues and muscles flex. Nitric oxide is a chemical that is responsible for flexing muscles and tissues of the general organ.

If you eat pomegranates or drink a glass of pomegranate juice, nitric oxide will increase in the bloodstream. As a result, you will not suffer from erections. Nitric oxide helps boost sufficient blood flow in the penis. As a result, you get a firm and strong erection.


Improve the quality of sperm and fix infertility issues in men with avocados. This imperative fruit is loaded with vitamin E which enhances sperm quality. When you consume avocados regularly, your sperm count increases automatically. Avocados also consist of zinc which increases testosterone levels. The increased testosterone levels help keep impotence problems away. With good testosterone production, you can get the erections needed for lovemaking.

Strawberries and raspberries:

If you experience long-term erectile dysfunction issues, you should add strawberries and raspberries to your diet. These two essential berries are packed with flavonoids which effectively cure impotence problems.

When you consume raspberries and strawberries, you get sufficient flavonoids. It is important to know that flavonoids increase the blood flow in the genital organs of men. The adequate blood supply in the penile region helps the penis to get erect. As these two berries are packed with flavonoids, it reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction. When you consume these berries, you should also have Tastylia 60.


Add cherries to your diet to prevent impotence. The sweet fruit, cherries, are packed with flavonoids which eliminate the risk of erectile dysfunction. The flavonoid-rich cherries increase adequate blood supply in the penile area. You get an instant hard-on when there is blood flow in the sex organ.

Bottom line

If you want harder erections or suffering from impotence for a long time, including the aforementioned fruits in your diet. When you consume the mentioned fruits, you get a stiff erection.

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