Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction And Sexual Problems: 5 Facts For Men

Erectile dysfunction is a growing sexual health concern among males. It affects your erection capabilities but can leave a long-lasting and permanent impact on your life. In this article, we will get to know about the 5 facts for men with sexual problems such as ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Could Be An Indication Of A Heart Condition Or Other Illness

Yes, it is quite true that erectile dysfunction is most often linked to your existing health issues. We will get to the disabilities that may trigger ED issues later on. But what is important to remember here is that any of your existing health disorders could also backfire on your sexual life.

Among the disorders that can cause erectile dysfunction probably the most common one has to be heart disorders. With heart disorders such as arrhythmia, congenital heart conditions, low blood pressure, valve problems, and peripheral heart disorders your chances of suffering from ED are severely higher.

It is all due to the lack of blood flow to the penis that triggers erectile dysfunction issues. see, when you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned heart conditions it is true that your heart’s abilities to pump out blood are not the same as before. And it means that your penis may not receive enough blood flow to achieve enough penis sensitivity to be able to grow hard and erect.

Apart from heart disorders, some other critical physical conditions may be linked with ED such as obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, neurological disorders, and so on.

Even mental health issues can be a dampener in your sexual life causing erectile dysfunction issues. Some of the mental health disorders responsible for this include stress, anxiety, and depression. Check out our last fact to get to know how you can avoid being a victim of such disorders and maintain an overall healthy life.

There Is A Direct Correlation Between Mental Health And Sexual Function

As we have told you above there are some mental health disorders that can trigger ED issues. and these include the likes of severe stress, anxiety, and depression. Remember that mental health issues may be notoriously tricky to identify during the first stages.

It is only until they are severe that the symptoms become more visually appealing. Mental health issues primarily cause erectile dysfunction and other sexual health issues due to reasons of lack of sexual stimulus, or being in a sexual mood to engage physically with your partner.

Mental health issues severely reduce your sexual potency as a man suffering from severe bouts of depression may not be in a mental state to feel romantic thoughts.

It is highly important to consult with an experienced physiotherapist to confirm your mental health issues and find out how severe they are. Of course, it is possible to come out of your degraded mental state using some natural remedies such as yoga, meditation, and proper sleep and through some lifestyle changes such as avoiding dependency on substance use, and the right diet.

Drugs Used To Treat Mental Illnesses Can Alter Erectile Dysfunction To Varied Degrees

Do you know that medicines that are usable for curing mental illnesses such as stress, anxiety, and depression could be the reason that you are using medicines such as Vidalista 60mg to try and get rid of ED issues?

Yes, scientists may have come up with an interesting fact about using pills that cure mental health disorders and their relationship with triggering ED issues. According to researchers, long-term use of such medications may cause dependency and growing drug addiction resulting in a reduction of sexual arousal, sexual urge, and sexual functionality.

We recommend that if you are using any of such pills you consult with the doctors immediately about such possibilities. There is no doubt that doctors never recommend using such medicines for a period beyond a few weeks due to issues of drug dependency.

Certain Alterations In Sexual Function With Aging Are Common

While erectile dysfunction may not be bound to any specific age in men of course the chances for having erectile dysfunction and erection issues are more common in older and aged males. As we tend to age our sexual functionalities reduce and so does our sexual stamina. A person in his late 50s may not have the same sexual excitement or urge to be involved in romantic activities as a person in his 30s.

But even at this age, it is possible to ensure living a smooth and normal sexual life. If you are having a troubled sexual life in your older age and suffering from symptoms of impotence you can consult with various medical health professionals such as general physicists, psychotherapists, sex therapy experts, and so on.

You need a change in the way you become involved with your bed partner. At this age, you will need more stimulation to arouse yourself sexually. Try out adventurous sexual techniques such as handholding, kissing, stimulating, or masturbating to achieve erection potency.

Enhancing General Health Can Enhance One’s Ability To Mate

It is quite true that enhancing your general health can void the chances of erectile dysfunction. when you lead a comfortable and most importantly healthy lifestyle you can avoid suffering from major sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction.

To ensure that you have a strong sexual urge and sexual functionality your general health is a matter of utmost importance. But general health and lifestyle are very vague concepts. What exactly do we mean by ensuring a proper lifestyle to avoid sexual health issues in later ages? Well, let us find out…

Avoid issues such as obesity

One of the major concerns these days among the youth especially is the ever-rising cases of obesity and overweight issues. And guess what any overweight or obese man may have an undermined sexual life.

Studies suggest that men who are suffering from obesity or are overweight may have reduced sexual urges, and have a high chance of suffering from sexual health issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and others.

Even obesity does not stop there. It may affect you with other long-term disorders such as heart disorders, liver and kidney malfunctions, or even trigger psychological health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

Avoiding dependency on the use of addictive substances

To remain sexually healthy you need to avoid dependency on the use of any Addictive substances such as alcohol and narcotic drugs. Studies suggest that those men who drink excessively and far too often may have reduced sexual potency, and even suffer from penis erection issues.

Not to mention the fact that substance use can severely increase your chances of suffering from psychological health issues such as anxiety and severe stress.

Ensuring proper sleep

Sleep is one of the most important metabolic processes of our daily life. Sleeping ensures proper sexual functioning. Being a sufferer of sleep disorders such as narcolepsy or insomnia may easily affect your sexual bonding.

Lack of sleep can easily trigger various mental health issues such as mood swings, frustration, severe anger, depression, anxiety, and excessive stress burden.

Having a positive and nutritious diet

A nutritious and positive diet can ensure that you are fully healthy both mentally and physically and it also has a positive impact on your sexual life. Stay healthy and avoid indulging in fast food and unhealthy sugary food substances along with processed and packed food items.

Try and limit yourself to only fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat, and prepare healthy dishes with less oil and spices.


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