How to Stop Premature Ejaculation

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation

Do you ejaculate before time? Due to your premature ejaculation problem, you are not able to satisfy yourself and your partner.

You will come to know that you have premature ejaculation issues when you will not be able to delay ejaculation for more than three minutes after penetration. Even while you masturbate, there could be a chance of premature ejaculation.  As per many health experts, premature ejaculation may happen in all sexual situations.

Every couple desires to have satisfying sex.  Not all couples can have satisfied sex because of various sexual health issues in men and women. Many men ejaculate before penetration.

Understanding the basic concepts of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is classified as lifelong and acquired. In lifelong premature ejaculation, you will encounter premature ejaculation at all times. Whether you masturbate or you have sexual intercourse, you will experience the problem of premature ejaculation. Acquired premature ejaculation occurs after you have previous sexual experiences without having problems with ejaculation.

Countless men think that they have premature ejaculation. It has been noticed that the criteria of premature ejaculation disorders do not meet for a diagnosis at times. If you experience early ejaculation at times, then you do not have to worry about it.

If your early ejaculation is a persistent problem, then you need to take the matter seriously. There are some remedies to stop premature ejaculation. If you follow the remedies, then you will not suffer from premature ejaculation issues and you do not have to use Cenforce 200.

Effective Remedies To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation happens in men when semen is ejaculated before sex. A large majority of men complain about premature ejaculation which can happen to men of all ages. Even younger men complain about premature ejaculation these days. If this sexual disorder does not happen often, then you need not worry about it. If you ejaculate within one to three minutes of penetration, then you should notify your healthcare provider at once.

If you add not able to delay sex, then you should not take this matter lightly. If you delay the treatment, then you may feel frustrated and distressed. As a result, you may also avoid sexual intimacy with your partner.

It is important to know that premature ejaculation can be treated if you report your symptoms as early as possible to your doctor. Counseling, medications, and other treatment techniques can resolve premature ejaculation in men. Some effective remedies can also treat premature ejaculation. What are those remedies?

Include More Magnesium And Zinc In Your Diet:

Add green leafy greens which are packed with zinc and magnesium. When you eat more vegetables and fruits that have magnesium and zinc, then your testosterone levels will increase and you will not suffer from premature ejaculation. You can consume nuts, seeds, and legumes to increase your intake of zinc and magnesium. The more you eat zinc and magnesium in your diet, the better will be your sexual health and you will not suffer from premature ejaculation any longer and you do not have to depend on taking Vidalista 60

Regular Exercise:

When you exercise regularly, then you will be able to keep urinary sexual health issues away. Go for pelvic floor muscle exercise which will help strengthen your pelvic muscles and will also help you stay longer in bed with your partner. Doing pelvic floor exercises can help you overcome premature ejaculation. When you do pelvic floor muscle exercises, then you will be able to control ejaculatory reflexes. If you do not know how to do this exercise, then you can seek the assistance of a fitness trainer who will help you do the pelvic floor muscle exercise in the right manner.

Masturbate Before Sex:

When you masturbate before sex, then it will make your body difficult to orgasm quickly which in turn will help you deal with permanent ejaculation. Masturbating before sex will also help you increase the time of your sexual climax.

Eat Bananas:

Many health experts recommend men consume bananas which can treat premature ejaculation. Before you have sex, you can eat a medium-sized banana which is packed with potassium and can give you a much-needed boost of energy to your body.

Use Lidocaine Cream Or Spray:

If you are going through premature ejaculation, then you can use lidocaine cream or spray before you indulge in sexual intercourse which can help you delay sexual climax by reducing the sensation in your penis.

To get the best results, you should use this spray at least 15 minutes before you have sex which can help you get ejaculation on time. Before using a topical cream or spray, you shouldn’t know how to use it from a local pharmacist.

Using a topical cream or spray which is designed for treating premature ejaculation can help you fix the issue quickly. When you feel relieved from premature ejaculation, then there will be no need to use Vidalista 40

Final Words

Having satisfying sex is a dream of every man. If a man suffers from premature ejaculation at an early or later age in his life, then he should follow the aforementioned remedies to treat premature ejaculation naturally.


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