Male Infertility

Is Male Infertility On The Rise?

Are you trying to become a father but you are failing in your attempts? Many couples try to be parents, but they cannot fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. The reason is that either men or women are infertile. In most cases, it is observed that men are infertile and this makes men depressed. 

The number of male infertility in men is escalating with each passing year all over the world. The number and statistics of childless couples are increasing at a rapid pace. As per recent statistics, male infertility is on the rise across the globe.

A large number of men are not capable of becoming a parent. The root cause of male infertility is still not determined by health experts. 

It is believed that the poor quality of sperm is the culprit of male infertility. The quality of sperm in males is declining with each passing year. As a result, men are becoming incapable of becoming a parent. There are treatments available that help men overcome infertility issues. Infertility can also make men impotent. Fildena 100mg Tablets can make men potent.

What Is Male Infertility?

Infertility is a sexual health issue that takes place in the reproductive system. In male infertility, a man becomes incapable of having children. Male infertility is a health condition in which men have a problem in their reproductive system.

With male infertility, you cannot start a pregnancy with a female partner. Many relationship issues crop up due to infertility in men. Moreover, erection issues are the leading cause of infertility in men. Cenforce 100 mg Pills help men recover from erection problems.

Male Infertility Symptoms

The prime sign of male infertility is not being able to conceive a child. There are some obvious signs which show that men have infertility issues. In certain cases, an underlying health issue such as a hormonal imbalance and dilated veins surrounding the testicle clogs the passage of sperm that leads to the signs of infertility.  An inherited disorder can also be a sign of infertility in men.

Other symptoms include a problem with sexual function. It means men have difficulty with ejaculation. Other symptoms are swelling and pain in the testicle area, inability to smell, decreased facial hair, constant respiratory infections, and abnormal breast growth.

Psychological Problems

Some psychological problems affect infertility in men. What are the psychological problems that lead to infertility?

psychological problems 1


Taking too much stress can make a man infertile. Stress is not good for men’s overall physical and sexual health. When a man is overstressed, it harms his sperm quality. The quality of sperm is affected a lot by the consumption of smoking, drinking alcohol, and stress. The more men are stressed, the higher the risk of infertility in men.


Many men are not aware of the fact that depression leads to infertility in men. The more men are depressed, the more it affects their sexual health. Depression makes men suffer from infertility. One of the mental health issues such as depression makes men suffer from infertility.


Most men have a certain type of anxiety. When men develop certain fears in their minds, they tend to be affected by anxiety. When men develop anxiety issues, they also develop a risk of infertility. Too much anxiety can lead to infertility problems in men. The more men feel anxious, the more men develop the risk of infertility. Stay away from anxiety, depression, and stress so that you can have healthy sperm. These three psychological factors affect men’s infertility.

What Are The 4 Causes Of Male Infertility?

There are four causes of male infertility which are discussed below.

what are the 4 causes of male infertility


Some infections lead to infertility problems in men. If you have an infection in a testicle or the surrounding parts of the penis, it is possible to suffer from infertility. If you have chronic infections in other parts of your body, you can develop the risk of infertility. Treating infections at the earliest is essential to avoid future infertility. Untreated infections can make your sperm count low. 

Ejaculation Issues

Many men come up with the problem of ejaculation issues. Some men experience ejaculation before climax. Some men experience ejaculation late. Early or late ejaculation can be the root cause of infertility. It is necessary to treat ejaculation issues as soon as possible so that you can enjoy better sexual health. When you have no ejaculation problems, you will not be able to suffer from infertility. 


Tumors are common health issues in India and abroad. There has been a tremendous increase in tumor and cancer patients all over the world. Tumors can be in the prostate and various parts of the body. The increased rate of tumors also increases the rate of infertility in men.

The life-threatening disease harms infertility and the reproductive organs. In other cases, the use of radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery to treat tumors gives rise to infertility in men. No matter where the tumor is, it is essential to get it treated to get rid of infertility. 

Hormone Imbalances

Countless men suffer from hormonal imbalance at a certain point of age. Check your hormones to know the status of the hormones. If you are diagnosed with hormonal imbalances, you should get it treated without delay. It has been noticed that hormonal imbalances can give rise to infertility in men. It is necessary to keep hormones in check so that men do not suffer from infertility problems.

How To Treat Male Infertility

Artificial Insemination:

This method is quite effective which helps healthy sperm put at the entrance of the cervix of a woman. The sperm makes its way to the fallopian tubes which in turn makes a woman fertilized. 

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (Icsi):

Your healthcare physician injects a single sperm inside the egg. Under a microscope, fertilization takes place. Your medical provider puts the fertilized egg in the uterus of your female partner. 

Gift, IVF, And Other Techniques:

Gamete intra-fallopian transfer and In vitro fertilization work like artificial insemination. Your healthcare physician will collect the healthy sperm which will be mixed with your female partner’s eggs. This process can be done in the fallopian tube of your female partner. 


If the infertility issue is due to a hormonal imbalance, a healthcare physician will use a hormone treatment. With hormonal therapy, men can get away from infertility. Certain medicines for hormonal imbalance make hormones balanced in men. 


To fix the problem of infertility in men, the last step is the surgery. Surgery will help remove swollen veins, twisted veins, or can improve the sperm quality of men. 


In the present times, it is a fact that infertility in men is on the rise. Getting infertility issues treated as soon as possible will help fix infertility problems in men.

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