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Alvitra 40 Mg

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Alvitra 40mg - 40-mg

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Overview of Alvitra 40 mg

Alvitra 40 is a 40mg dose of the medicinal substance vardenafil. The amount of substance for generic vardenafil is the same as mentioned by the numerical representation.

It is a pill doctors will prescribe for ED patients. If you are new to this term ED stands for erectile dysfunction and is a disorder relating to your penis whereby you have lost all the capabilities to have an erect penis.

Before using this medicine on a daily course take a doctor’s view on what they think. You have to be capable of adjusting to the Alvitra 40 mg dose which is a pretty high dose in itself without having any side effects.

What Is Alvitra 40 Tablet?

Alvitra 40 mg is a dose that can help you with a hard penis erection. it occurs with the substance generic vardenafil which enables this temporary time for erectile hardness.

Vardenafil which is the chief substance of the pills will raise blood flow to the main penis tissues of the corpus cavernosal due to which you can have dilation effects sustained on the penis tissues to give rise to a hard erection.


Alpha Pharmaceuticals is the company that owns the brand patents and hence has all the responsibilities regarding the manufacturing operations too. it is not only about manufacturing though. The company also caters to the branding, promotion, and sales responsibilities for the brand name as well.

The company has export orders and a strong demand locally from the Indian markets as well. Men’s health and ED is just one of the health verticals in which the company has come up with effective medicines. apart from this it also manufactures medicines for other health disorders too.


When you check out the composition of the pills it is only vardenafil that you will find. You can check out the back leaf of the medicine sachet.

The represents form the PDE- 5 hormone inhibiting a family of pills. when it can activate itself the blood flow to the penis tissues will rise as well.

Working of Alvitra 40

Alvitra 40 mg begins its working with the secretion of the generic substance vardenafil. Once vardenafil begins to work it will produce effects of PDE-5 hormone inhibition.

With this, the effects and levels of the PDE-5 hormones come to a total halt. Thereafter, another hormone will begin to take its place allowing its secretion levels to rise.  when cGMP hormone levels are high enough you will have dilation effects lasting on your penis tissues which direct more blood to flow through the corpus cavernosal tissues. it raises the penis sensitivity level and therefore you can have a hard penis erection.

How To Take Alvitra 40 Tablet

For you to take the Alvitra 40 mg just swallow a single pill. you don’t have to chew or crush the pill. the ideal time for taking in the medicine can be determined by the patients on their own.

The only noticeable thing here is that patients must remember to take the pills at least one hour before they intend to have sex. This will give enough time for vardenafil to begin showing its effects.

Precaution Taking Before Alvitra 40 mg

The general precaution for the patients is that you must ensure to follow dosage guidelines. If anyhow the levels of generic vardenafil are more than what you can sustain it will result in side effects.

Patients must also disclose everything about their health to the doctors. severe heart disorders, liver and kidney issues are the instances when the drug dose is not recommendable to such a patient.

Benefits of Using Alvitra 40

Alvitra 40 has many benefits for users. first of all, it is a high dose. although it may not be suitable for all patients still to those who can suit well, you will be able to bring about up to 6 hours of drug efficacy time during which you can have an erection any time in between.

Being a generic variant of pills you will find the cost of pills to be much more favorable to you.

Dosage Of Alvitra 40 mg

The maximum allowable dose of Alvitra 40 mg is not more than a single pill dose per day. If you wish to have the second pill it will have a high tendency of forming overdose and then the side effects will eventually follow too.

The Alvitra  40 mg dose is a medium to a high-level dose and ideally, the doctors will prescribe using this medicine to a patient with a slightly severe level of ED.


When generic vardenafil is present in more quantities than what your body can sustain that is the time when you have to deal with side effects. Remember that an overdose means that you have to lower your daily dose.

Miss Dose

Alvitra 40  doses if you miss a single one of them has the potential of putting you back to the place of not being able to have erections anymore. Simply said, you go back to the same stager of ED as you were.

Avoid To Take Alvitra 40

Alvitra 40 mg may be asked to avoid because with the use of the pills you may tend to have allergic reactions and thus cause severe type side effects. on the other hand, if you are using any contraindicating medicine then you may have to face a similar type of consequences as well.

Side Effects of Alvitra 40

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Fall of blood pressure
  • Lower libido
  • Priapism
  • Hazy vision
  • Reduction in hearing capabilities
  • Pale face
  • Palpitations
  • Dry mouth

Storage of Alvitra 40 mg

A normal room condition should just work fine for storing Alvitra 40. The temperature needs to be on the lower side of 30 degrees Celsius. the place should not be too humid either. Also, choose any cool and dark place where the pills will not have exposure to direct sunlight.

Alvitra 40 Review

Alvitra 40 reviews given by patients seem to be in favor of using the pills. most of them have been able to have significantly good benefits with the use of the pills. the type of hardness the pill effects had brought them, seems to be quite satisfactory for the patients.


Alvitra 40 medicines for ED cure provide you with the capability to get rid of a mild to a moderately high level of ED. you can have erections for up to 6 hours easily.

FAQs –

Where can I buy it?

Whether it is online ordering through websites or offline ordering through visiting a medicine shop, the choice is up for the patients to decide.

What are the other doses?

Numerous other smaller dose variations are possible. Some of them include Alvitra 10mg, Alvitra 20mg, and so on.

What is the generic substance of the Alvitra 40?

The pills of Alvitra 40 will contain an equivalent amount of generic vardenafil. It initiates its work by inhibiting the PDE-5 hormones.

Is it safe to drive a car?

Generally driving is to be left out. Because with side effects such as headache and dizziness you have chances to risk your life on the road while driving.

Can a missed dose bring about withdrawal symptoms?

Withdrawal chances occurring have nil chances. None of the ED pills have such a tendency.

Can the drug be used for curing ED completely?

A permanent cure for ED may not be possible with Alvitra 40. Its use is to be done regularly as a temporary type of remedy.

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