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Zhewitra 20mg Zhewitra Zhewitra Zhewitra

Zhewitra - 20-mg

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Zhewitra 40mg Zhewitra Zhewitra Zhewitra

Zhewitra - 40-mg

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Zhewitra 60mg Zhewitra Zhewitra Zhewitra

Zhewitra - 60-mg

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Super Zhewitra Zhewitra Zhewitra Zhewitra

Zhewitra - super-20-mg

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What is Zhewitra?

Zhewitra is a medicine that is going to provide an easier solution for patients suffering from ED to get hard. In reality, this is why you use pills of Zhewitra under a regular course because it allows you to get hard easily.

If you use Zhewitra then after the medicine becomes activated it becomes easier for you to achieve a hard erection through some stimulation. How this is done is explained in a later section in this article. But for now, we are going to concentrate on knowing some basic information about the pill.

The generic substance that is responsible for upbringing a harder erection is vardenafil. This is a substance that is going to help you to get an erection. The working procedure of this substance finally gives you an increased blood flow through the penis tissues such that you can find erectile hardness.

What is the use of Zhewitra?

Zhewitra is a medicine that is going to enable you to stay hard. With generic Vardenafil in it has only one end application and that is to help you get a hard erection.

Find out the right dose which you can suit to the most and then take it only when the doctors recommend you to.

You see there are a lot of medicines available in the market that can help you cure ED and therefore you need the right brand first. And once you have found out the right brand it is critical to find out the exact dose.

But don’t worry… as in all these you don’t have to worry even a bit. You see the doctors are going to help you figure out all the things after conducting a few tests maybe.

What are the available doses of Zhewitra?

Now that you have some basic knowledge of what the Zhewitra pill is and what its applications are you need to know about all the doses that you can find under this brand name.

Here are the doses of this drug that you can use to find out a cure. Small varieties of doses under this brand name begin from a Zhewitra 10mg dose. And then there are higher doses available as well that you may use. This includes the Zhewitra 20mg and the Zhewitra 40mg dose.

Before using any dose you must consult the doctor about whether it is even safe for you or not. The thing is that you want to avoid having a side effect due to a possible excessive dose intake.

How does Zhewitra work?

Zhewitra has a generic PDE5 hormone inhibitory substance inside whose name is generic Vardenafil. When you take a pill of this brand it is generic vardenafil acting on the PDE-5 hormones to make them inhibited and another hormone cGMP to make it more profound that is increasing its secretion.

Soon enough due to nitric oxide the vasodilation actons begin on the tissues. With the calming effect of the tissues you tend to get more blood flowing into the penis tissues and this allows them to get hard easily with some stimulation.

Side effects of Zhewitra

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Tremors
  • Chest pain
  • Fall in blood pressure
  • Priapism
  • Lower libido

How to take your dose of Zhewitra?

A Zhewitra pill belongs to the oral category of pills. So the only way of taking this pill is via your mouth. The standard way is to first have some water in your mouth as it will help you to swallow the pill without the pill getting stuck in the food pipe.

Sometimes some people will have problems swallowing entire coarse substances. Unfortunately for them, this oral pill is one of the alternatives.

Avoid crushing or chewing the pill as this is not the standard procedure for intake. This will result in a pungent taste in your mouth and also the pills might not be that effective.

So, once you have the pills in, the next thing is to wait for generic vardenafil to begin a chain of events culminating with erectile hardness.

With the use of the pills, there is no definite time for intake. You can have it whenever you wish to whether it is during the daytime or at night. The only thing that you have to remember is the activation time of the pills which is for around 6 hours. So within this time, you will need to have sex to derive the maximum benefits.

Missing a dose of Zhewitra

Missed dose instances have to be dealt with the right way. If you miss out on a dose then you are going to have to deal with problems in not having the hardest erections as you would have expected.

You see Zhewitra pills even with their higher doses are only active for around 5 to 6 hours only. And the maximum possible number of pills that you can have is only one.  And what this means is that by the time you have your next pill the actions of that of the previous one are long gone.

So, going by average standards, say if you missed the next dose then there are not even traces of the generic substance vardenafil available in the market for you to get a hard erection. And during a missed dose you don’t find erections as hard.

Overdose scenarios that might be possible

So, what are the overdose cases that might be possible? You see the biggest eventuality that you are going to have to deal with is suffering from side effects. You will have to face side effects and this is going to become a huge concern.

The best way to prevent this is to ensure that you don’t take a dose in higher amounts than what the doctors suggest to you.

During an overdose situation, you must know how to deal with any type of side effect in the right way without becoming panicky or stressing out. So we recommend that you know and create an action plan to deal with the side effects.

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