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Extra Super Zhewitra

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Extra super Zhewitra Extra super Zhewitra Extra super Zhewitra Extra super Zhewitra

Extra Super Zhewitra - 40-mg

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What Is Extra Super Zhewitra?

Extra Super Zhewitra helps overcome Erectile Dysfunction in males. If you are unaware ED is prevalent in men of all age groups above 18. By definition, ED is just a sexual disorder posing no serious threat. But there have been cases where ED caused separation among couples and gave rise to extramarital affairs. When the male in a relationship becomes incapable of satisfying the intimate needs, her desires linger in her to find satisfaction somewhere else. But all of this could not happen if you take preventive measures well before time. Show your wife that you are enough for her by showing strength in bed. This could be done by getting rid of Erectile Dysfunction with the help of Extra Super Zhewitra.

Manufacturer of Extra Super Zhewitra

Extra Super Zhewitra is sold under the manufacturer Sunrise Remedies. In the medical community Sunrise Remedies is a name that has trust, worthiness, safety and loyalty attached. It was in the year 1984 when the seeds of the foundation for Sunrise Remedies were sown. It was a small-time wholesaler of drugs at that time with ambitions reaching far ahead. With resilience and a desire to change the lives of the needy Sunrise Remedies has become an inspiration for coming-age entrepreneurs. Its products come in the top priority of doctors when prescribing drugs. The products include allopathic drugs of almost all categories such as antidepressants, antipyretics, antiseptics, analgesics, abortion pills, inhalers etc.

How to take Extra Super Zhewitra

Extra Super Zhewitra is taken by following the procedure identical to many of the drugs. Like most other drugs Extra Super Zhewitra is also one the water-soluble drugs. This explains that we must take the drug with water to dissolve it. The drug remains of no use if it is not in the dissolved state.

But remember not to use any other solvent except water. Other drinks or juices may cause side effects after reacting to the pill.

Do not crush, chew, bite or apply any kind of pressure on the tablet. Swallowing is the only way of consuming the drug.

Do not eat junk food before taking the drug. This will affect the reactivity of the drug and make it less effective.

The drug must be taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before foreplay or being subjected to sexual stimulations.

How does Extra Super Zhewitra work?

Extra Super Zhewitra overcomes the problem of erection by solving the core problem. Erection occurs due to the blood supply in the penis during stimulation. If due to any reason the necessary amount of blood does not enter the penis insufficient erection is obtained. Which then translates to dissatisfaction, frustration and embarrassment. The problem can be solved if once again blood rushes in the penis in huge amounts. Extra Super Zhewitra makes it possible by overcoming the stiffness of pelvic muscles, reducing blood pressure, and improving the elasticity of erectile tissues.

Strength and Dosage of Extra Super Zhewitra

The strength and overdose of Extra Super Zhewitra is 100mg. But there is a slight distinction among 100mg. The drug consists of two major ingredients, Vardenafil which is 40mg, and Dapoxetine which is 60mg. Vardenafil helps in erection whereas Dapoxetine sustains that erection for considerable durations.

Extra Super Zhewitra Availability

Extra Super Zhewitra can be bought from any pharmaceutical store. The drug is surely not an unknown one, an ED patient knows the name thoroughly. In such a case, you can shop from online medical portals which will deliver the drug at your place of need.

Use of Extra Super Zhewitra having salt Vardenafil and Dapoxetine

The main component or active ingredient in Extra Super Zhewitra is Vardenafil and Dapoxetine. The main purpose of taking the drug is to do away with a lack of erection and get back a hard penis that brings a smile to your wife’s face.


The dosage of Extra Super Zhewitra is of utmost importance to the working of the drug. The dosage mentioned in your prescription is best for you. Dosage is prescribed after analyzing various aspects of the patient such as immune system, overall health, eating habits, medical history, etc. Therefore, do not listen to the advice of anyone except the doctor for dosage.

How long Extra Super Zhewitra shall be continued

No specific time period is prevalent for Extra Super Zhewitra. Your prescription contains the number of days the drug must be taken. It can be altered only by the doctor.

Missed a dose of Extra Super Zhewitra

Skip the dose and consume the drug the next day. While taking the drug on the next day same timing and precautions must be followed.

The excess dose must not be taken on the next day. Some people take extra pills to compensate for the missed day.

Extra Super Zhewitra Contradiction

With Tadalafil & Sildenafil Citrate


With Itraconazole


When not to take Extra Super Zhewitra

When you are found to be allergic to Extra Super Zhewitra. This shows that your body and the immune system is not complementing the working of the drug. Go for any other ED drug in such a situation.

When the doctor has not prescribed the drug but you are taking the drug on assumptions.

Side effects

Urination complications

Sometimes pain and itching during urination occurs.

Swollen Gums

Gums often get swollen after a week of consuming pills.

Overdose Effects of Extra Super Zhewitra

Overdose must be dealt with with the same seriousness as any disease. If not treated properly it can cause permanent damage to tissues and organs. Never take an excessive dose of the drug, the doctor will never ask you to do so.

Precaution & Warning

The drug must be purchased from authorized sellers and online sites. Many times, people are lured by offering them cheap prices. But when the product is delivered it turns out to be a different drug or some cheap substitute.

If side effects are experienced, the patient must be rushed to the doctor immediately. Often minor side effects when ignored cause great harm.

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