Can Sildenafil Be Your Key To Getting A Strong Erection?

Often we hear that males are having sexual problems where they would not be able to achieve a strong erection on their own. Having this issue males could have a sexually dissatisfied life. Since you are not able to have penetrating sex with your partner often their sexual admirations and sexual fantasies would remain unsatisfied as well. often due to the males suffering from ED, the partners would become sexually separated from one another.

But in this article, we are going to mention the use of Sildenafil generic Cenforce 200mg which may be the key to rectifying your sexual life back to where it was again. Using this generic element may be essential to get a strong and hard erection by which you can indulge in your sexual fantasies back again and strengthen your sexual bonding once again.

Sildenafil is not any brand name of a medicine. it is a generic element that is present in the constitution of many brand names such as Fildena 120mg and will be able to provide a hard erection in the impotent males.

Sildenafil’s use is restricted only for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and it is always advised from the doctors to begin the course only once the doctors approve after you are diagnosed with ED.

Sildenafil is a medicinal element that works by enhancing the flow of blood through the penis tissues that causes a rise in sensations and enables the penis erection to occur despite having ED problems. During your diagnosis and general discussion with the doctors, you must also inform them about your current age and health and if you have used such a generic element and any of its brands ever before.

The doctors will suitably recommend a brand and a specific dose along with recommending the other terms of usage such as use frequency and tenure. To get the best effects out of using Sildenafil you must follow these prescribed guidelines of the doctor.

“Working Of Sildenafil”

Now let us find out how Sildenafil generic Kamagra 100mg can cause a strong erection. At first, you will need to administer the medicine containing Sildenafil in it. After a few moments, Sildenafil starts to absorb in your blood and begin activating itself. Soon enough the PDE-5 hormones would be negatively influenced due to the activation of Sildenafil causing the PDE-5 hormones to be suppressed.

This causes another hormone, the cGMp hormone that would eventually substitute the place left vacant by the PDE-5 hormones. Eventually, the cGMP hormones start activating nitric oxide producing a sense of vasodilation in the arteries that causes high blood flow.

This high blood flow is the most essential process in terms of achieving a strong penis erection. Once the blood flow is enough it would cause the penis tissues to become more excited and sensitive. And thus by providing stimulation a person suffering from ED would be able to get a strong and hard erection on their own.

➺ Increase Blood Flow

Increase Blood Flow

The use of Sildenafil generic Cenforce 100 Pills would cause an increase in the flow of blood as we told you above. This is due to the dilation effect in the arteries as a result of activation of nitric oxide. Since nitric oxide would stretch the blood vessels would find more room to flow and this is how the higher blood flow mechanism ensues.

“Duration Of Sildenafil”

Sildenafil is a generic medicinal element that causes a strong and hard erection. but the length of time for which it remains active would be determined based on the amount of dose of Sildenafil that is present in the ED medicine being used.

A higher concentration or dose of Sildenafil would simply mean that it can last longer and hence you can get erections for a much longer period.

Usually, Sildenafil’s smaller dose variants such as Cenforce 25mg, or Cenforce 50mg can cause a strong erection urge until 4 hours of using the medicine.

As the dose gets to higher variants such as Cenforce 120mg, or Cenforce 150mg you may expect to get a strong erection for about 5 to 6 hours. Remember that it is not safe to use the next medicine until the actions of the previous pill are completely exhausted.

“Consultation With A Healthcare Professional”

It is highly important to consult with a healthcare professional or a doctor for several reasons. A doctor’s guidance can help you to find a suitable dose that is highly suitable depending on your age and current health conditions.

Further, the doctors can also help you by mentioning some safety guidelines to follow using that you would remain at bay from having any major side effects. if you are under the supervision of a doctor you may get further advice in the future as well regarding any changes in your dose if required.

“Dosage Of Sildenafil”

Regardless of the amount of Sildenafil dose that is contained in the medicines it is not safe to use any more than a single medicine throughout the day. this means that once you have used the pill it is not safe to use the next pill until 24 hours are gone.

➺ Missed Dose

It is possible that with the effects of Sildenafil, you will experience the same old symptoms of ED. Since you have missed out on your dose you may not be able to get a hard erection at all.

➺ Overdose

Avoid increasing your dose without consulting the doctors. taking an unusually high amount of dose may make it unsuitable for your health which may also bring out side effects of the pills.

➺ Other Dosage

We have already mentioned all the available doses of Sildenafil. Most often the doctors would recommend using a smaller dose variant such as Fildena 25mg or Fildena 50mg for mild issues of ED. A dose like Fildena 100mg would only be prescribed unless these two doses can cause any erection changes inside the patient. Going forward, if your ED is only of the severe type would the doctors recommend you to use higher doses of Sildenafil such as Fildena 150mg or Fildena 120mg?


To use the dose of Sildenafil generic Kamagra 50 safely the patient would need to follow several safety guidelines that are mentioned form the doctors. let us know about these precautionary measures in further detail.

At first, when you begin taking a daily dose of Sildenafil you must be wary of any side effects. Even if any mild issues occur after taking the pill such as a mild headache or dizziness you must report it to the doctors.

If you want to use a higher dose of Sildenafil consult with the doctors about its safety rather than changing the dose abruptly.

Doctors would always advise you to avoid the use of alcohol and narcotic drug substances such as cocaine or marijuana. These would cause side effects like headache, vomiting, nausea, and vision blur.

Doctors would also want to know if you are using any other types of medicines to cure ED issues. they may not recommend you to use Sildenafil doses if you are already using any medicine that acts like blood thinners or contains compounds of nitrates or alpha-blocker substances.

Doctors would recommend you preferably avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after using the pills, especially due to the headaches, nausea, and other side effects of the pills.

They may not recommend using such a pill for a patient who is already suffering from high blood pressure or has a critical heart disorder or those who have undergone a major heart surgery recently.

“Final Say”

So as you can see in this article we have detailed how Sildenafil may be critical to enabling positive changes in your erection capabilities. Get to the doctor now if you are experiencing trouble in achieving a strong erection.

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