Fildena 120mg


Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


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Fildena 120mg

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Fildena 120mg Fildena 120mg Fildena 120mg Fildena 120mg

Fildena 120mg - 120-mg

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What Is Fildena 120mg?

Fildena 120mg is a pill that contains a generic substance known as Sildenafil. This generic component of the pills has usability in terms of causing a hard erection inside the patient. The rightful use of the Fildena 120mg is needed only when your symptoms are truly diagnosed as ED disorder or erectile dysfunction. Having this penile disorder it will become a real challenge for the patient to be able to achieve a strong and hard erection on their own.

But does this mean that you have to lead a dissatisfied sexual life throughout the rest of your life? Well, not at all. you will have to use the Fildena 120mg pills only when you want to have sex. Activation of Sildenafil allows an increase in your penis sensitivity which means that you can normally achieve an erection just like other males do.

Manufacturer Of Fildena 120mg

The manufacturer of the Fildena 120mg is Fortune Healthcare. Not only this brand. But Fildena refers to a group of medicines and all medicinal variants that come under this group are manufactured by Fortune whose manufacturing units are all based in India.


There is a limited use of the Fildena 120mg. Its use will fit in correctly only for those males who are not able to achieve a strong and hard erection on their own. Remember that the use of the Fildena 120mg is only best done when the doctors have been diagnosed with ED. Do not abruptly begin the course until a proper diagnosis is done as you are not sure of a suitable dose or even don’t have an idea about the precautions that need to be followed at the time of using this medicine.

How To Take It?

The process to take the Fildena 120mg is by orally swallowing the medicine. it is best to swallow the pill whole without crushing or biting the medicine.

Strength And Dosage

Each dose of the Fildena 120mg will have a Fildena 150mg content of generic Sildenafil inside it. usually, this is among the higher dose variants and suitable only for those who have severe problems with ED.

Missed Dose

Without the actions of Sildenafil, none of the usual changes will occur and this means that you will also end up not being able to achieve a firm erection on your own.


To avoid overdose there are two ways. First, you have to avoid using multiple pills throughout the same day and the next is to unnecessarily avoid using the Fildena Double 200mg dose unless the doctors have recommended it.

Other Dosage

How Does It Work?

Fildena 120mg will begin working with the activation of the generic element that is present inside the pills known as Sildenafil. This Sildenafil will inhibit the flow of the PDE-5 hormones within your blood and allow the cGMP hormone to be secreted in plenty.

Eventually, this hormonal shift allows nitric oxide to be activated and hence increases the vasodilation of the arteries which means that there is now more blood present in the penis tissues due to which the sensitivity of the region will rise eventually increasing chances of achieving a firm erection with slight stimulation.

Side Effects

Side effects of the Fildena 120mg cause mild issues or even severe problems but these are generally rare. Talking about milder variants of side effects you may end up with headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, palpitations, nervousness, dry mouth, flushing, and tremors.

Higher and more severe side effects of the medicine include chest pain, priapism, vision blurring, and a rise in blood pressure.

Precaution & Warning

Some medicines may not allow you to use Fildena 120mg which contains Sildenafil. Let the doctors review whether it is safe to be on a course of your existing pills and add Fildena 120mg to that schedule.

Diseases such as heart disorders, high blood pressure, people with high blood sugar, frequent chest pain, and those who have experienced heart attack or stroke in the past could have Sildenafil actions making such disorders even worse and resulting in severe health emergencies.

Any patient who is using Fildena 120mg will need to check for any side effects occurring. Get in touch with the doctors immediately. Do not use the pills if you are still below the age of 18 or even more than 64 years. Avoid driving a car after taking the pills.


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