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Fildena CT 50mg

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Fildena CT 50mg Fildena CT 50mg Fildena CT 50mg Fildena CT 50mg

Fildena CT 50mg - 50-mg

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About Fildena CT 50mg

Fildena CT 50mg is the miracle that can bring back your manliness and ultimate strength. This condition is also known as erectile dysfunction. In today’s times, ED is one of the trending disorders among males all over the world.

This gives rise to drugs that counter ED to help achieve the erection. Searching in the market or online sites will introduce you to hundreds of ED pills luring with cheap prices and assuring long-lasting erection.

But one cannot trust any drug easily. The vast experience of doctors and medical experts lies in Fildena CT 50mg. The drug is 100 percent branded with approvals from drug regulating agencies of respective countries. So, one should not be worried about consuming it if proper precautions are followed.

Manufacturer Of Fildena CT 50mg

Fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd manufactures Fildena. With more than a decade of experience in drug manufacturing, it has formed a loyal customer base of its own. It holds the responsibility of manufacturing, packaging, and distribution to the wholesaler. The company began its journey in 2004 and has achieved success with the support of its customers and well-wishers.

The drugmaker strives hard to remain updated by investing heavily in Research and Development where highly skilled scientists work hard to find new techniques and compositions.

Strength And Dosage

Fildena CT 50mg has the strength of 50mg out of which Sildenafil Citrate, the active ingredient constitutes most of it. The rest elements are catalysts and preservatives that affect the reactivity of the drug. Fildena Super Active | Fildena XXX 100mg

Fildena CT 50mg Availability

Fildena CT 50mg is an easily available drug in most medical shops. You can also get it on premiere medical websites.


  • Fildena CT 50mg is mainly used to treat ED. The problem refers to the situation where men fail to get an erect penis despite being sexually stimulated. Proper consumption of Fildena under the consultation of the doctor assures of providing erection for 5 to 6 hours. It works to enhance the blood circulation in the penile region which ultimately results in an erection.
  • ED brings back the spice in a relationship by allowing you to fulfill your partner’s intimate desires.

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How To Take It?

  • Fildena CT 50mg is one of the water-soluble drugs that must be taken with water. The drug functions only if it is in the dissolved form otherwise it remains inactivated.
  • Do not chew, break, or apply any pressure on the pills. The drug must be swallowed with a glass of water as a full.
  • Refrain from consuming intoxicating and addictive substances like tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or recreational drugs during the medication of ED. These substances make the drug weak and less effective.

How Does It Work?

Fildena CT 50mg is a drug that works to make the penis erect. The erection of the sex depends directly on the blood supply in the penis. During ED this blood supply gets affected and the penis is almost unable to expand the blood vessels for erection. Thus, men need to feel embarrassed in front of their wives or girlfriends for poor sexual performance. As soon as it dissolves in the bloodstream series of changes take place. Blood pressure is reduced significantly, and Muscles of the penile region are softened with the release of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate), an enzyme.

This time when sexual stimulation takes over as all obstructions are removed to facilitate the blood supply of the penis. Gradually the blood expands into the blood vessels of the penis, causing an increase in the desired erection.


The exact dosage is given in your prescription. Do not listen to someone else’s advice or rumors while taking the dosage. Only the doctor has looked at all the characteristics of the patient and prescribed what works best for him.

How Long Fildena CT 50mg Shall Be Continued

The prescription is the sole document that contains instructions regarding every aspect of the drug. Along with strength and dosage, the duration also comes under the authority of the doctor for any changes.

Missed Dose

  • If you have missed a dose of Fildena CT 50mg one must not panic at all. This is because missing a dose does not cause side effects or any evil outcomes. But missing the dose makes the drug lose its ability to erect the penis.

When Not To Take It?

  • Suppose you are not sure whether you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. So do not take Fildena CT 50mg without consulting a doctor.
  • When the patient is taking other erectile dysfunction drugs. Refrain from using two ED pills for treatment. This will lead to overdose causing harmful side effects.

Side effects


Anxiety coupled with high blood pressure and tension is observed.

Muscle Pain

Severe pain and symptoms of osteoporosis are observed.

Overdose Effects

When you try to experiment with a drug it reacts in a way that harms us instead of curing the disorder. Overdosing Fildena CT 50mg will cause side effects that may be highly dangerous. The patient must be taken to the respective doctor during an overdose.

Precaution & Warning

  • Check out the information provided in the prescription before taking Fildena CT 50mg.
  • Patients with cardiac, liver, and kidney disorders are more likely to have side effects. Doctors must prescribe special dosages for such patients.


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