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Kamagra 50mg

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Kamagra 50mg - 50-mg

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What is Kamagra 50mg?

Want to use a medicine that can help you get harder erections? Well, then among the many numerous brands for curing ED you have the Kamagra brand as well. And within this brand, one of the doses generally on the smaller side is the Kamagra 50mg medicines that you can try out.

The Kamagra 50mg medicines are having the capability to make your penis grow hard despite you suffering from erectile dysfunction.

You can visit a doctor and find out how exactly you need to be using the pills. Remember that if you have mistakenly chosen the wrong dose of the medicine then this can easily lead to an overdose and this will surely make you suffer from side effects.

What is the use of Kamagra 50mg?

Kamagra 50mg can help treat erectile dysfunction or ED in short, sometimes which is also known by the name impotence. Kamagra 50mg helps give you a hard erection but this is effective only temporarily though. You see the pills can give you an effectively hard erection only for a few hours but then after this, you are almost expected to suffer from side effects.

Kamagra 50mg is a medicine that can help you give a hard erection but on overdose, it can also lead you to side effects.

Manufacturer of Kamagra 50 mg

Ajanta Pharma Ltd. It is a public company that ranks among the most trusted pharma companies. Which has been highly trusted over the years.

The brand is not FDA-approved in Kamagra and is banned in some countries in Great Britain and Australia.

What are the available doses of Kamagra 50mg?

Kamagra is a medicine that is available in other doses as well. Thus patients will have many options to choose the right dose for them while having a consultation with the doctor. The doses of Kamagra start with a very small amount which is a 25mg dose, next up you also have the 50mg dose which we are taking reference to here in this article.

And going further up you also have other doses of the brand as well such as the Kamagra Gold 50mg, Kamagra 120mg, Kamagra 100mg, and Kamagra Gold 100mg.

Consult with a doctor and depending on your severity level of ED, other factors like your addictions or your overall health including signs of pre-existing diseases and ongoing medicines you can find a suitable dose from the doctor.

How to take your dose of Kamagra 50mg?

Kamagra 50mg is a dose you can choose yourself as to when during the day you are to take. You may take the medicines during the morning time or at night time depending on your work schedule during the day.

To take your daily dose of Kamagra 50mg all you have to do is swallow one pill straight down your throat. Remember that using any other substance apart from water can spell danger, especially with fluid substances like alcohol and grape juice.

Only with half a glass of water and one pill taken out of the medicine sachet do you just have to gulp it down your throat. Also, avoid drinking alcohol or grape juice during the active time of Kamagra 50mg which is around 4 to 5 hours.

Missing a dose of Kamagra 50mg

Don’t think that if you keep missing out on doses you will have effects of penis hardening consistently. If you were to miss a dose regularly then this will cause enough problems for your erection consistency. This is because each pill does have only a short-term temporary basis of action.

You are taking at most one pill a day. And so the effects of the pill will only sustain for around 4 hours. So when the next day when you are taking a pill the effects of the previous one are long gone.

Thus if you miss the dose on the next day at your scheduled time you will not find timely erectile effects.

Overdose scenarios that might be possible

Any drug when overdosed leads to side effects. The concentration of Tadalafil should only be limited to the amounts which are safe enough for intake. Make sure that you don’t consume more Sildenafil than what you can take.

Overdosing a drug might lead to instant side effects depending on how well you can adjust to the drug use.

Make sure that you can find the right purpose for the use of drugs of Kamagra 50mg such that it does not lead to an overdose. Avoid mistakes in taking a higher dose than necessary and always maintain alertness during the daily drug intake.

How does Kamagra 50mg work?

Sildenafil which is the main acting substance of the erections is a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor working to increase the flow of blood to the penis tissues.

The increase in blood flow happens due to the actions of the cGMP hormone which is a precursor of nitric oxide the body’s natural vasodilator.

The vasodilation affects the tissues and cells of the blood vessels would ease up leading to a larger supply of blood. This increase in blood flow results in more penis sensitivity and thus it is easier for you to get hard.

Side effects of Kamagra 50mg

Side effects are mild or else sometimes they can even be severe. Ensure that you stay e away from side effects by taking a dose at the specified intervals only in the required amounts.

If you are utterly suffering from any side effect mild or severe then speak to the doctor instantly. Side effects can be so highly discomforting that they may even require visiting the doctor for immediate medical attention.

Side effects-

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Tremors
  • Palpitations
  • Chest pain
  • Fall in blood pressure
  • Lower libido
  • priapism

Contraindications of Kamagra 50mg

Contraindicating substances are those that have a high chance of making you suffer from the worst side effects. The contraindication substances are clearly to be avoided while using Kamagra 50mg.

We have already given you the list of non-medicinal substances such as alcohol, grape juice, and narcotic substances. And then considering the medicinal varieties there are-

  • Alpha-blocker pills
  • Nitrate derivatives
  • A few HIV and AIDS pills
  • Some antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral pills
  • Some oral contraceptive pills


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