9 Signs And Symptoms Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome In Men

Irritable bowel syndrome is a type of gastronomical and intestinal disorder that is affecting the current generation of people. The rising number of symptoms each year is a real symptoms of concern specifically among men.

This condition comes with many symptoms all within the digestive organs in your body. Some of the common observations of a person who is suffering from irritable bowel syndrome include abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and so on.

In this article, we are first going to give you a detailed idea of what IBS the short form for irritable bowel syndrome disorder is and then check out the common symptoms or signs that occur in men.

Understanding IBS

IBS is a disorder that affects the stomach and the intestines. The primary causes of the disorder include irregular and involuntary muscle contractions in the intestines. It is generally due to this extensive and abnormal contraction that you may suffer from gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and not to mention abdominal pain.

Some nervous system disorders may trigger the disorder as well. The IBS disorder may crop up due to a lack of communication or poor communication between the brain and the intestines.

Several intestinal infections or even gastroenteritis may be the root cause of the problem as well.

The primary triggers of the disorder include a sudden change in the intestinal and stomach bacteria or an invasion of infectious bacteria that begins the syndrome. Improper diet can also be the root cause of IBS disorder. no doubt taking some food items can provoke the disorder. these include food items such as wheat, dairy products, citrus fruits, beans, cabbage, milk, and carbonated drinks.

Understanding The Symptoms And Signs Of IBS Disorder

Irritable bowel syndrome as we told you earlier comes with some symptoms of its own. These include-

Pain And Cramps

Abdominal pains and stomach cramps are some of the most common symptoms occurring in men that can indicate IBS. It may occur due to poor communication between the intestines and the brain. Generally, the brain has a critical role to play in the digestion process although it does not play any direct role in the process.

You see the brain acts as the controlling organ and directs the intestines to secrete hormones, and enzymes and regulate the contraction movement of the bowel tissues that lead to a flow of food through the bowels eventually digestive the food, and the left part is secreted out of the body in the form of stool.

But when a person is suffering from this IBS due to any neurological disorder the contractions of the bowel tissues are no longer regulated. This leads to excessive contractions that may lead to stomach pain and cramps.


IBS can trigger diarrhea as a symptom. Studies show that a significant proportion of men have this symptom in them. This happens because the uncontrolled contractions within the bowel can lead to the urge to poop suddenly. The food movements through the bowel also occur faster as a result of which absorption of nutrients is not efficient.

Sometimes this can cause a bit of a problem for patients who regularly have such feelings of sudden diarrhea feeling in them. The stool will generally be a lot watery and there will be mucus present in the stool too.


Constipation is one of the most common triggers that occur indicating IBS disorder. Generally in patients having the IBS disorder the condition of constipation will not go away even with the use of medicines and a rightful diet.

The type of constipation is generally a bit severe. Although ideally for constipation to be a disorder in itself or of the severe form people will generally pass stools around three times a week.

However, in severe IBS conditions, this occurrence could be as low as two or even once time a week. IBS triggers constipation because the irregular and involuntary muscle contraction in the intestines will lead to slower bowel movements. Eventually what happens is that more water is sucked out of the stool eventually leaving behind dry and blackish stools.

Bowel Movement Changes

We have already stated that poor communication between the brain could be one of the reasons why men suffering from IBS may have an abnormally high level of intestinal contraction. no doubt that such severe contraction will result in a lot of pain for the patient.

Gas And Bloating

Changes in the bowel contraction movements and reduction in digestion and absorption efficiency could very well lead to gas in the gut. It may also cause bloating leading to further discomfort for the patient. People generally identify gas and bloating as the most nagging and irritable symptoms.

Food Intolerance

Generally suffering from IBS for a long time is going to make you intolerant to some specific types of food.  And thus usually even if you cannot identify such food items during your visit a doctor could help. It is needless to mention that when you are suffering from IBS and do not find a cure you will need to avoid having these food items.

Some of the most common food intolerances reported in patients with IBS disorder include lactose and gluten intolerance.


People suffering from IBS and experiencing some of the symptoms that we already mentioned above could easily result in easily tiring the patients and feeling completely fatigued. Generally, more than half of the people have been seen to be feeling tired and usually fatigued while dealing with IBS.

Anxiety And Depression

The prolonged suffering from IBS and not being able to cure the disorder can bring in anxiety, and frustration, and eventually, you may be left to be ruing with depression. We recommend that you visit a doctor as early as possible if you have a combination of any of these side effects.

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