Can High Testosterone Cause Infertility In Males?

Testosterone is an imperative sex hormone that is responsible for developing testes, penis, muscle size, and distribution of body fats. This male hormone can improve bone mass, strength, red blood production, and sex drive. This male hormone plays a vital role in primary and secondary sex traits. If the levels of testosterone become high or low, it leads to infertility in men.

You are trying hard to make your female partner conceive. But, you are not able to do so and you feel utterly depressed. It has been a long time since you have been trying hard to become a father. Unfortunately, all attempts fail. Many men are not aware of the fact that testosterone is one of the most vital sex hormones in males.

Most men complain about infertility which can be due to high levels. Test your testosterone levels through blood tests. Bone densitometry and physical exams are indirect tests for checking levels.

The right treatment and diagnosis can increase the probability of conception. Some health experts believe that high testosterone levels lead to infertility in men. It can impact men’s sexual function. Cenforce 100mg Pills can help men get back their good sexual health.

What Does Testosterone Do?

Testosterone is a sex hormone of men which plays a vital role in a man’s body. In men, this hormone normalizes libido, fat distribution, sex drive, and muscle mass. Males get strength when these levels are balanced.

The production of red blood cells and sperm count can be increased with balance. As men start to age, the level of testosterone starts to decrease. As a result, the body of men produces less estradiol.

The changes in hormones are attributed to the deficiency of. Excess muscle mass, higher sex drive, and additional strength can be due to high testosterone levels. For increased muscle mass, increased levels are extremely necessary.

How Does Testosterone Affect Male Fertility?

It has been observed that testosterone does affect infertility in men. When men’s levels are high or low, it harms the infertility issues of men. These levels are linked to erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, anemia, depression, low libido, and weight gain.

Testosterone replacement can do wonders for men’s health. This hormonal replacement therapy helps men keep hormones in check.

Doing levels can improve the levels of if it is low. If the levels of are high, this hormonal replacement therapy can keep the hormone balanced. Checking levels once or twice a year can help you know the status of the male hormone.

If levels are high, men will not be able to produce healthy sperm. The test is necessary to know the level of the hormone. As per the medical exam report, a healthcare physician will start diagnosis and treatment accordingly.

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Is Infertility Caused By Testosterone?

Many research studies prove that low testosterone can increase the risk of infertility in men. When a man’s levels are low, it does not produce healthy sperm. As a result, men cannot become fertile. Infertility issues are likely to crop up in men with infertility problems.

When testosterone becomes the cause of infertility, men get depressed. They are not able to make their female partners conceive after repeated sexual intimacies. Men cannot produce healthy in their testes which in turn makes them infertile.

To make a woman pregnant, healthy testosterone in men is necessary. Only replacement or certain medicines can help men recover from infertility issues. Treat infertility in men as soon as possible to prevent infertility.

Can High Testosterone Cause Infertility?

It has been observed that high levels of testosterone harm infertility in men. For hormones to function properly, it is necessary to maintain a balanced equilibrium. Most men who complain about infertility have shown that they have high levels. It is necessary to know for men that high levels of are also known as hypogonadism.

It is also important to know that hypogonadism can be due to underlying health conditions. Infections, malignant and benign tumors in the testes, autoimmune disease, and liver and kidney issues can lead to hypogonadism.

If a man uses steroids to a higher extent, testosterone levels can be increased. High levels can also be due to the use of supplements. Prominent symptoms of high levels are high libido, high blood pressure, acne, aggressive behavior, and low sperm count. Some other symptoms include excessive hair growth and infertility in men.

High levels of testosterone can significantly decrease sperm production. Taking testosterone supplements can decrease sperm count in men. As a result, men experience infertility which in turn affects women.

Inhibition Of Sperm Production

Exposure to testosterone is reckoned to inhibit sperm in men. It suppresses the signals through the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal hormonal axis. Hormones can harm the germ cells with the help of the modulation of the Sertoli cell function. The reason is these cells adopt receptors for both T and FSH.

Replacement Therapy For Testosterone

When men suffer from infertility, most doctors opt for testosterone replacement therapy. It helps reverse the impacts of hypogonadism. It is not clear whether therapy will benefit elderly men. It has been proved that this replacement therapy works best in younger men.

Some health experts believe that If men take testosterone medications, they can be vigorous. Taking replacement therapy can help men gain energy and vitality. Men will be able to overcome infertility problems with this therapy. It is important to take replacement therapy from a professional healthcare physician.

Hormone Imbalances

Hormonal imbalance in men is one of the root causes of infertility in men. Hence, it is necessary to keep hormones balanced so that you do not have to suffer from infertility. If you are diagnosed with hormonal imbalance, certainly, you will not be fertile. To treat hormonal issues, it is necessary to provide hormonal therapy. Some doctors prefer hormonal pills which help keep male hormones in balance.


Not being able to become a parent is a frustrating experience for a man. Blame your high levels which are responsible for making you infertile. Get appropriate treatment for your levels to cure infertility problems.


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