Erectile Dysfunction

7 best Ways to Reverse Early Stage Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, a penis-related issue that causes problems with penis erections and their sustainability has been among one the growing concerns among men these days. The erectile dysfunctional disorder can make things pretty tough sexually for you in being able to achieve a strong and capable hardness.

But of course, there are ways to reverse it especially when the disorder is diagnosed in its early stages. In this article, we shall be looking at the possibilities to recover from the worrying issues of sexual problems in men and explore the 7 best ways in which you can reverse the conditions of Erectile Dysfunction. So let’s begin

Ways To Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

Lifestyle Changes

Recovering from ED and whether or not you are using any medicine such as Vidalista 60 mg you will always have to ensure doing some lifestyle changes. Although they may look insignificant over the short term they can ultimately work out big benefits over the long term to help significantly help you on improving your erections.

Lifestyle changes that can help you to recover from the issues of penis impotence include-

Reduce Your Dependence On Alcohol

This way you can avoid suffering from the long-term issues of such addiction substances and suffer from less anxiety and severe cardiac issues causing ED.

Dieting Properly

Suffering from ED needs you to make subtle changes in your diet. Recovering from ED will be almost impossible if you keep indulging in food items rich in fats and carbs.

Rather you have to look at taking in food items that can help increase vasodilation and contain rich amounts of nitrates and antioxidants apart from a few essential vitamins and minerals. Such food items include spinach, kale, broccoli, bell peppers, fish such as tuna and guardian, and fruits like berries, avocadoes, and apples

Pelvic Floor Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction

Exercises are a key element of recovering from ED. And not just any exercises, rather you have to be focused on those which help improve blood flow supply to the penis region and also increase the strength of your prostate muscles.

Such a type of exercise could be doing the pelvic floor exercises which necessarily focus on all the muscles and tissues of the pelvic and lower region.

Doing such exercises for a long time can bring significant changes in your erection capabilities.

Counseling Or Couples Therapy

Sometimes a unique therapy calls for demand when you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction apart from being on a prescription course of the Fildena 100 pills.

Counseling or couples therapy is aimed at improving the ways to have sex and ensuring more adventure doing your sex to enjoy sex life.

Normally, scientists have said that suffering from impotence can become an issue for those men who have sex in the same position or usually in the same way for the long term. It can cause feelings of boredom and not bring in any sexually promoting thoughts and feelings in you or your partner as well.

Undergoing couples therapy can help you to rediscover your romance in sexual partnerships thus enchanting your mood with feelings of romanticism and sexual thoughts in your mind for your partner once again.

Herbal And Alternative Remedies

Of course, apart from the usual allopathic medicines for curing ED, there are several natural and herbal remedies for Erectile Dysfunction as well. Such techniques revolve around using certain herbal substances and providing the same effects as the ED medicines to be able to get a hard erection.

Many patients prefer to go for natural and herbal remedies solely because they have less chance of promoting side effects in the patient. Such herbal substances include yohimbine, horny goat weed, Chinese red ginseng, Gingko biloba, and so on. these substances are available as powdered ingredients in herbal medicines or even supplements. It is better to get approval from the doctors before using any of such items.


Of course, it is well known to most of the patients of Erectile Dysfunction that by far the most common way of recovering from the earliest signs of impotence is to use medicines such as Vidalista 40 mg. Such medicines can help promote vasodilation tendencies in the blood vessels and arteries of the penis region to enhance the flow of blood making a quick erection possible through stimulating touches.

Medications are indeed the best option and possibly provide among the fastest cure for Erectile Dysfunction all providing effects within an hour of intake. of course, it is necessary to be recommended by doctors about a suitable brand or dose for taking the medicines without which you have a considerable chance of suffering from certain side effects.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the best remedies for curbing the short-term and mild effects of erection disabilities with the root cause of the disorder being obesity or high weight.

See, such issues can affect erection capabilities in a male in two ways. Scientists say that obese men have a general tendency to feel a lack of any sexual thoughts and romantic feelings or the usual sex drive for their partners.

Other than this they may also have less blood flow to the penis region all because of extensive weight.

To recover from weight loss, of course, the solutions are simple and Erectile Dysfunction curring from such issues is entirely curable using a series of homely steps.

The first is to do daily exercises and any form of physical activity to burn fats from your body. The next is to restrict your diet only to bland vegetable soups and fresh fruit smoothies leaving behind any form of fast food, fried food items, or sweet food items that are abundant in calories, fats, and carbs all fuelling obesity.


For those men suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety being the factors for Erectile Dysfunction, undergoing psychotherapy may help immensely. It generally involves you speaking freely with a psychotherapist and telling about all the issues in your life whether it is related to your relationship or sexual life or any other factor.

Such things can help you to come out with your feelings and thoughts which you could not have disclosed to anyone thus freeing yourself from such psychological issues.

Bottom Line

So as you can see, recovering from mild symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction is potentially possible using several means such as through your diet, consulting with medical experts, making some lifestyle changes, and so on.

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