Is Infertility In Men Caused By High Testosterone?

Are You Experiencing Infertility Issues For A Long Time?

You have been trying hard to make your female partner conceive. But, your spouse is not able to conceive and the reason is your infertility problem. Countless men suffer from long-term infertility issues. As a result, they cannot become fathers. Many men cannot enjoy fatherhood because of the infertility issue.

Numerous young men are above 20 years of age and are suffering from this problem. Men who doubt having an infertility problem should consult with their doctors. Healthcare physicians can do a thorough medical exam which can show whether a man has an issue. Having an issue can affect a man’s relationship. Before your relationship goes for a toss, get your issues treated at the earliest.

Many couples get estranged because of infertility problems in men. The reason for divorce in the present times is the issue in men.

If you suspect having an issue, it is better to get diagnosed. Early diagnosis can provide the right medicine to patients. Infertility issues in men can also make men impotent. Cenforce 200mg Sildenafil Pills can treat sexual dysfunction in men of all ages.

Know More About Testosterone And Its Relation To Infertility

Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays an imperative role in the reproductive system of males. Most men are aware of the role of testosterone in men’s sexual health. Having a low testosterone level can make men experience erectile dysfunction.

Men with low testosterone levels will not have a desire for sex. They will stay away from sexual intimacy due to low testosterone levels. Moreover, men appear to be lean and have low testosterone levels. In addition, healthy sperm production depends on healthy testosterone levels.

Most men complain about not getting and attaining a stiff penis. It is due to low testosterone levels which make men suffer from impotence. It turns out to be an effective drug in restoring sexual function in men.

Hormones act as a chemical messenger that is transported through your body through the bloodstream. Hormones regulate various functions in a man’s body. From healthy metabolism, and growth to reproduction, male hormones do a lot of work.

In men, testosterone is the main hormone. Testosterone production helps in men’s primary and secondary sex characteristics. From a man’s voice to his genital organ, testosterone production plays a vital role. Men’s sexual dysfunction is due to low levels of testosterone. Boost men’s sexual health with Vidalista 40 mg Tablets.

Factors Associated With Low Testosterone

In medical terms, low testosterone in males is referred to as male hypogonadism. It is a sexual condition that occurs at the time of birth or the later period of a man’s life. If the condition occurs in adulthood, it leads to impotence, decreased libido, and fatigue.

Many men experience decreased muscle mass and decreased hair growth. Low testosterone in men can be due to many factors. Certain factors such as aging,  excessive smoking, penile injury, cancer treatments, pituitary disorder, or obesity. Genetic disorders and being underweight can also be factors of low testosterone.

Can High Testosterone Levels Cause Infertility In Men?

It is a misconception that higher levels of testosterone in men can increase virility. It is necessary to maintain a balanced equilibrium to make hormones function properly.

Many health experts believe that high levels of testosterone can cause in men. If a man has high testosterone levels, he can experience infertility issues.

Underlying medical and health conditions contribute to high testosterone in men. If a man has liver or kidney problems, he may suffer from high testosterone levels. If a man has tumors in his testicles, he may suffer from hypogonadism.

If a man has an autoimmune disease or infection, he has a high chance of suffering from high testosterone level problems. Genetic abnormalities can also lead to high testosterone in men.

If a man uses a steroid or has testosterone supplements, he can suffer from elevated testosterone levels. Men will come to know that he has elevated testosterone levels through some signs. A man may experience acne, high blood pressure, aggression, high libido, low sperm quality, and excess hair growth. Any of these symptoms indicate that a man has elevated testosterone levels.

It is proven that high levels of testosterone can increase the risk of infertility in men. Men can also experience decreased sperm production when they have high levels of testosterone.

Many men take testosterone supplements to build muscles or increase libido. By doing so, they increase the levels of testosterone which further leads to infertility in men. High levels of testosterone can also increase the risk of impotence.

Sildenafil citrate proves to be effective in treating impotence. Keep testosterone supplements away to prevent male infertility and other sexual disorders.

Does Testosterone Therapy Cause Infertility In Men?

Many medical providers use testosterone therapy as a treatment for low libido. Some healthcare physicians prescribe testosterone therapy to treat fertility in men. In a bid to do so, testosterone levels increase and men suffer from infertility. Taking testosterone therapy for a long time can lead to symptoms of infertility in men.

It is observed that many doctors suggest men take testosterone supplements or medicines. The motto for taking testosterone supplements is to treat infertility. Testosterone supplements or therapy harms men’s fertility.

Many men do not know that testosterone supplements have no FDA approval. Possible side effects are likely to crop up in a man’s body after taking testosterone therapy. One of the biggest side effects is infertility which cripples men’s lives.

Some men take Testosterone supplements for bodybuilding purposes. In a bid to build muscles, they affect their sexual health unknowingly.

Effect Of Testosterone In Fertility In Men

Men who have problems with fertility need to show all testosterone supplements to a healthcare provider. It is best not to use testosterone therapy or supplements which can pose a negative impact on your sexual health.

If you stop taking testosterone supplements, do not expect to gain fertility. Testosterone supplements build up in the bloodstream which can have a long-term negative effect on men’s health. It can take a few months or years to bring testosterone levels back to normal.

Bottom Line

From the aforementioned content, it is proven that high levels of testosterone can cause infertility. Therefore, men need to stay away from testosterone supplements or therapy to have good fertile health.

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