Morning Wood

Morning Wood And Erectile Dysfunction

Many men get erections during sleep or early in the morning. Another term for morning erection is a nocturnal penile tumescence. Health experts term morning erection as morning glory.

It takes place when a man gets hard in the early morning hours or the middle of his sleep. If you have a morning erection issue, you may wake up with a hard penis. If the morning wood happens often, it is necessary to go to see a doctor.

Some men believe that a full bladder or some dreams can lead to morning erections. Most researchers believe that morning wood occurs due to a dysfunction in your parasympathetic nervous system.‌ From sexual arousal, urination to digestion, many things happen due to the parasympathetic nervous system.‌

It also normalizes your heartbeat after you come across a fight-or-flight reaction to a nervous stimulus. This system is active during your sleep. It is possible to get more than one erection every night. But, you may notice a harder erection in the early morning.

As you wake up, you may find worse erections. Owing to hormonal changes during your sleep, it is possible to experience harder erections in the morning. Taking Fildena may help control sexual disorders.

What Is Morning Erection?

Morning erection is also known as nocturnal penile tumescence. Many men get nocturnal erections during sleep. As a result, such men have a good chance of waking up with morning wood from time to time. Most men notice a hard-on when they wake up in the morning. Other men get constant erections at night due to various reasons.

Many health experts believe that most men get erections and achieve at least three or five erections throughout the night. Healthcare physicians believe that morning wood is normal and it is not a sign of a sexual health issue.

It is indeed a good sign that your sexual function is normal. Healthy blood supplies throughout the penile region during morning wood.

The fact states that erections take place when your nervous system enhances the blood flow in the genital organ. As a result, blood starts to flow in the tissues of the genital organ. When the blood flow increases, a penis turns out to be firmer. The stiff penis helps men achieve an erection quickly. Erection can take place when a man is in deep sleep, awake, or during masturbation.

Why Do Men Get Morning Wood?

The sacral nerve which is a part of your parasympathetic nervous system keeps check on the erections. The sympathetic nervous system prepares men for the flight response. On the other hand, the parasympathetic nervous system gets active when your body rests. When you sleep, your body repairs itself.

The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for sexual arousal, getting rid of waste, and digestion. When a man is asleep, the parasympathetic nervous system gets active. Erections take place in a man’s body when they are sleeping. Many men get several erections the entire night.

A man may experience a flaccid penis and then an erect penis throughout the night. It may be possible that you may be experiencing the same. But, you may also experience a hard-on in the mornings. It is also believed that your parasympathetic nervous system is highly active during your REM sleep.

This is the state when you dream. At times, erotic dreams can lead to a stiff penis and may also lead to ejaculation. Another reason can be a full bladder that presses against the penile region.

As a result, it makes the sacral nerve more active, and getting an erection in the morning is natural for men. Taking Cenforce 200 can help men get rid of impotence and maintain good sexual health.

What Causes Morning Wood?

There are various causes behind getting morning erections. Health experts have not yet found out the precise cause of morning erections. Some factors play a pivotal role in morning erections. The prime causes are listed below.

Physical Stimulation:

As you sleep, physical stimulation such as a physical touch from your partner or even pressure from a pillow or sheet may make your penis hard. Pressing on clothes or stuffed toys can make your penis hard. Men who are physically stimulated have a high chance of developing morning erections.

Hormone Shifts:

Research studies show that hormonal shifts may be one of the causes of morning erections. In the morning, testosterone levels are high which results in morning wood. When you sleep, the testosterone levels are quite high. Owing to changes in male hormones, men may experience morning wood.

Brain Relaxation:

When your brain is relaxed, there is a chance of getting morning erections. When you sleep at night, your brain is in a relaxed state. The relaxed nerves in the brain give rise to an erection in the mornings.

Is Morning Wood A Sign Of High Testosterone?

Many health experts think that an erection takes place when testosterone levels are high. It is observed that the testosterone levels are high in the early mornings. The testosterone levels tend to increase more in the morning than throughout the day. High testosterone levels can be a potent sign of morning wood.

What Can Morning Wood Tell Me About Erectile Dysfunction?

Many men wake up with an erection but have difficulty getting a hard-on. This can be due to certain psychological issues which make your morning wood difficult. Owing to some psychological conditions, you may be suffering from ED which makes your morning wood tough.

Performance issues or low self-esteem prevents a man from getting excited. You can also have Tastylia 60 to get erectile dysfunction treated at the earliest.

Some Facts About Morning Erection

  • High testosterone levels can be a prominent cause of morning erections.
  • If you have erectile dysfunction, you still get morning wood. But, the erection may not be pleasant for you.
  • Men who get physically aroused have a high chance of experiencing morning erections.

Bottom Line

Getting morning wood is not a sexual health issue. You can opt for treatment if you have recurrent morning wood along with ED.

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