Most Common Lungs Disorder In Men And Their Reason

Most Common Lungs Disorder In Men And Their Reason

If yes, then you should not take the health issue lightly. It symptoms signify that you have a lungs disorder.

It has been noticed that a lungs disorder gets converted into lung cancer if lung disease does not get treated at the right time.

One of the common medical conditions that are escalating is lungs disorder. It has been noticed that people of all ages are affected by lung diseases.

From children to elderly people, no one is immune from lung disease. Some of the common causes of lung diseases are genes, smoking, and certain infections.

All You Must Know About Lungs

One of the complex systems of your body is your lungs which expand and relax countless times every day to bring in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

When there occurs a problem in any of the parts, then a person experiences lung disease.

As per the survey reports, men are likely to suffer from lungs disorder more than women.

For a man’s survival, breathing is one of the most crucial activities. It is a fact that you need to breathe to survive. You can survive without water and food for a few days.

But, it is impossible to survive a few minutes without breathing. For energy generation, self-regulation, and overall well-being, breathing is an imperative tool.

You breathe by using your lungs. Lungs look like pyramid-shaped organs that are situated inside the chest of human beings.

The process of breathing involves the technique of breathing in and breathing out.

It is the lungs that supply oxygen to the blood and the brain makes sure to function smoothly.

If you maintain healthy lungs, then you can enjoy physical and sexual health and there will be no need to use Cenforce 200 tablets.

Symptoms And Causes Of Lungs Disorder

Prime symptoms of lung diseases vary from person to person. It has been observed that lungs disorder do not show any signs in the early stage.

When the lung disease reaches an advanced stage, then you can notice some prominent symptoms such as constant coughing, not being able to breathe properly, blood trace in cough, weight loss, pain in the chest, headache, and pain in the bones.

If you experience the symptoms on and off, then you should seek medical attention without delay.

Prime Causes Of Lungs Disorder


  • If you smoke cigarettes on end or if you are a chain smoker, then the chances of suffering from lung cancer are high.
  • As men smoke a lot, they suffer from lung diseases and lung cancer.


  • Exposure to polluted air results in lung diseases in the long run.
  • You inhale toxic air which gets into your lungs, making your lungs affected by various diseases.
  • Whether you walk in the open air or you travel by bus or train, you are exposed to pollution which is harmful to your lungs.


  • At times, your body gets infected by certain viruses and bacteria which lead to infections.
  • Certain viral infections can make your lungs infected and you may suffer from lungs disorder.

Genetic Disorders

  • If lung cancer or lung disease is in your heredity, then you will also be affected by the same disease at a later period of your life.
  • If you have lung disease, then you should avoid using Vidalista 60 tablets.

Common Lung Diseases


  • Asthma can affect people of all ages.
  • A large number of men are affected by asthma across the globe.
  • The airways are inflamed and the asthmatic patients have shortness of breath and wheezing cough now and then.
  • Pollution, infection, and allergies are common triggers of asthma.
  • Urbanization, smoking, changes in lifestyle, and ever-increasing pollution are prime causes of asthma.
  • Early diagnosis can treat asthma at an early stage.

Acute Bronchitis

  • Acute bronchitis is a condition that is usually caused by a virus that leads to an infection in the airways.
  • Fumes, tobacco smoke, air pollution, and dust are common triggers of acute bronchitis.
  • Getting treated at the right time can save you from chronic bronchitis.

Common Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  • This is a chronic lungs disorder that hinders the flow of air from the inflamed lungs.
  • Common obstructive pulmonary disease is increasing at a rapid speed all over the USA.
  • Common triggers are smoking, using traditional stoves, using mosquito coils and charcoal, and using firewood and incense sticks.
  • Exposure to crackers may also lead to COPD.


  • Pneumonia is an infection caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses.
  • It can affect both or one lung and inflame the air sacs of the lungs.
  • Infants and adults are likely to fall prey to this disease.
  • Timely medical treatment can prevent the occurrence of pneumonia.
  • Stay away from these lungs disorder so that you can enjoy good lung health and never have to use Fildena 150.
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