Why do veggies need to have more food than non-veg lovers?

Why do veggies need to have more food than non-veg lovers?

Some people mostly consider that non-veg foods are much better foods because they have heavy protein, calcium, vitamins, fiber, immunity power, etc. besides some people consider that eating vegetarian foods is more good and healthy than non-veg foods. So, the contrast is there and these confusing ideas came from the absence of knowledge. Those who eat veg foods these men have to eat more foods to gain the abovesaid essential materials. Otherwise to fulfill vitamins or other essential materials men need to take medicine like Vidalista 60.

Why should men eat more vegetables?

When men eat vegetables they should eat more because vegetarian foods (though the egg is included in maximum places) have all these essential materials like vitamins, proteins, sodium, calcium, and potassium, but not in mark with non-veg like meat, fish, etc and that’s why men must eat vegetarian foods more to gain same to the same high protein, vitamins, neutrinos, sodium, potassium, calcium, etc as that of non-veg items.

If men eat one or two pieces of fish or 500gm chicken, can you understand how many essential materials are they gaining? Same way, if you are a non-veg person you need to eat more vegetables and fruits to fulfill these essential and important materials which your body requires to prevent several diseases. Otherwise, men become weaker and the doctor will give medicine like Fildena 150.

Myths and their solution

It is true that at present men prefer to have vegetables and fruits more to prevent several diseases. They eat several good vegetables and fruits such as lots of green vegetables cabbage, crabs, green tea, soya foods, sweet potatoes, onion, ginger, tomatoes, turneries, beans, bangle, low-fat cow milk, coffee, use olive oil to fry anything, apple, pineapple, mangoes, jack fruits, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, grapes, guava, lemon, oranges, watermelons, bananas, etc. There is no doubt that these foods and fruits are healthy enough and it is the natural way to prevent various diseases. In fact, doctors also suggest men go for veg foods and fruits as well as drink more water.

Here men can prevent various diseases such as digestion problems or inflammation trouble, kidney diseases, heart diseases, liver diseases, constipation, piles, insomnia, and several others.  Even, men’s energy level, as well as immunity power, also increases rapidly.

Whatever these all are true but still why do doctors suggest eating non-veg especially meat chicken when men become weaker? Well, it means that men somehow could not eat vegetables and fruits sufficiently and it is the cause they may get diseases and become weaker than before. When you will become weak or if you have been suffering from any disease then you need high protein, vitamins, minerals, sodium, potassium, calcium, etc promptly to recover.

Chicken and Fishes

Then doctors suggest that all men as a patient need to have chicken with low spices, or sea fishes, small fishes, or salmon fishes from where you can get Omega-fats and with these you can eat your liked foods also. You have to eat fruits and other vegetables also to rid of the diseases or to come out from the tremendous weakness.

Men should remember and understand also that to remain healthy you need to maintain that or to get rid of the diseases that you have got because of that reasons you have to meat, fish, egg, milk, fruits, and other vegetables. Therefore you need proper rest also and men need sufficient sleep too.  Then you do not need to take the medicines like Cenforce 100mg. So, the main issue is if you are a vegetarian there is no problem rather good but you have to eat these vegetarian foods more or sufficiently.

Be healthy in a natural way without superstation

Well, it is a good suggestion to all of you that stay healthy in natural ways. There is no matter that you are eating non-veg like meat, fish, etc when you are a vegetarian rather think that you have become sick and that’s why you have to eat it to recover from the disease but it does not mean you would not eat your favorite vegetarian dishes and fruits. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians all types of men have to understand that you are eating veg or non-veg foods because of your health benefits. Hence you must be agreed with the researchers and doctors that health is the wealth of men and it was also a long time ago told by noble men.

So, it is your responsibility to eat these foods whatever you must consider these foods as your diet to become healthy and fit as soon as possible and you do not need others opinion rather than the doctors because he or she knows well what foods at this moment will be better for you.


Therefore, again if you are a vegetarian you have to eat foods more to gain all the body’s essential materials to prevent diseases and to become healthy and fit.

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