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Filitra Professional 20 Mg

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Filitra Professional 20 Mg Filitra Professional 20 Mg Filitra Professional 20 Mg

Filitra Professional 20mg - 20-mg

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What is Filitra Professional 20 mg

Filitra Professional 20 mg is a medicine that is usable among male patient who is suffering from erectile dysfunction. This is a medicine that is of the sublingual medicine type so it is not exactly similar to s swallowing type dose. We will find out more about this in the later sections of the article.

But for now, remember that the contributing effects after taking the medicine are brought on by this generic ingredient vardenafil that has this PDE-5 hormone inhibiting element type category providing more than enough blood flow to the penis tissues.

To use this medicine approach a doctor and generally you will undergo a detailed conversation along with some diagnosis process to confirm your case of ED and then find out the possibly suitable dose for the medicine.

What Is Filitra Professional 20mg used for?

Filitra Professional 20mg is a medicine that is having only one purpose and that is to enable men to have a hard erection stage. The use of the medicine is only recommended by doctors for male-specific disorders or ED which is known as erectile dysfunction commonly also known by the term impotence.

Remember that to use this medicine will require a doctor’s prescription since the use of this drug requires getting approval and only by using the prescription you will be able to buy the pills.


Fortune healthcare is one of the leading pharmaceutical giants based in India that holds the manufacturing power for the pills. the company also controls the sales and distribution rights to sell and provide delivery of the medicines to its online and offline distribution merchants and partners. The company also gets orders to ship Filitra Professional 20mg in other parts of the world such as in countries like the USA and the UK.


The composition of the pills is given on the back side of the sachet for every pill. Surely your doctor will inform you as well. So this generic substance vardenafil is the one to provide the catering effects of hardness in your penis erections.

Vardenafil is a PDE-5 hormone inhibiting substance. This is the substance that will; cause to bring in a hard penis erection only by way of stimulation and vasodilation.

Vardenafil has several doses apart from the one that we are mentioning here which is the 20mg dose. The amount of time that you get to have an erection by using this medicine is for around 5 hours.

Filitra Professional 20mg dosage

Filitra Professional 20mg dose apart from this 20mg dose comes in another variant as well. Since this brand of Filitra is that of the sublingual pill category you will have another dose variant here. And that is the higher double dose of 40mg.

But generally, if you check out other brands of Filitra or generic vardenafil then you will find that there are other doses apart from these two as well. Small end doses such as Filitra 10mg and the Filitra 20 mg dose are also present but this is only available in the swallowing category brand of Filitra.

How to take Filitra Professional 20

Of course, if you have read at the start you may have come to know that the Filitra Professional 20mg is of the sublingual type of pills. This means that the process for taking the pills is very simple indeed.

The standard process for taking sublingual pills is to just keep them in your mouth and eventually the contents of the pill will dissolve gradually. And you also need to follow the same process when you are taking your daily pill of Filitra Professional 20.

When should you avoid taking Filitra Professional 20  mg

Generally, on some occasions, the health of a person may not fit right depending on what health conditions are specified by the doctors to take in the dose of Filitra Professional 20 mg.

Sometimes the doctors may not recommend this dose to a person that is highly addicted to the use of alcohol. Along with the use of the medicine in those patients already, some existing disorders apart from ED can cause side effects instantly.

Vardenafil dosage

Filitra Professional 20mg which is made of vardenafil generic Levitra is a dose that is at par to treat ED of up to a mild to moderate variant level. This means that if you have any severe form of EDS then the use of this drug may not be able to provide the levels of satisfaction such as a hard erection as you would have expected.

Generally, the 20mg dose can last for around 5 hours and takes around 30 to 45 minutes to come into action and show off its effects on hardening your penis.

Filitra Professional 20mg Side Effects

The chances of side effects for using the Filitra Professional 20mg and misusing it become high. What you need to refrain from is using an overdose of the medicine brand rather than a confirmation from your doctors.

Filitra Professional 20mg has two types of side effects. One of these is the mild side effects that include headache, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

On the other hand, things can get even worse for you and some of the severe side effects for the patients include- chest pain, fall of blood pressure, hazy vision, loss of hearing senses, lower libido, and so on.

Working of Filitra Professional 20mg

Filitra Professional 20mg is a generic Vardenafil dose. And once the effects of this element come into action two things are happening and both of them relate to some hormonal changes.

The first hormonal change taking place is the inhibiting effects on the PDE-5 hormones. Apart from this, there is also an influencing factor playing on the cGMP hormones due to which its levels rise gradually.

Due to this, the nitric oxide secretions start in your penis tissues that vasodilate the arteries of this region to enable smooth and normal blood flow eventually due to which your penis does not gather enough sensitivity such that on stimulation it gives rise to a hard erection.

Filitra Professional 20 mg reviews

Filitra Professional 20 reviews have been given by many patients and all of them are of the same view that this highly effective new mode of intake pill is quite an efficient one to deal with impotence disorder and fixate a normal sexual life for most males


An overdose of the medicine is highly likely, especially for patients who do not need a high dose such as generic vardenafil 20mg dose. Rather it is a good idea to always let the doctors select and choose the right dose for you.

Miss dose

Avoid missing out on a dose. If you even miss out on your regular dose doubling up the next dose can be a blunder you may be left out ruing with as the possibilities of side effects will rather go sky high.


Filitra Professional 20mg is just a new and more advanced form of a sublingual pill intended for men’s erectile dysfunction cure.


How long is a dose of Filitra Professional 20mg effective?

Generally, it can have a long sustenance time of up to 5 hours.

What are some of the other doses under the Filitra Professional 20mg brand?

Generally, this brand of sublingual medicine also has a higher dose which is the Filitra 40mg dose of the brand name.

Which medicines to avoid during your Filitra Professional 20mg course?

Generally, any pill that exhibits alpha blocker pill category or has any nitrate compound in it or the ones used for preventing HIV AIDS, and contraception are the ones to avoid. We recommend you visit your doctor with all your ongoing prescriptions.


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