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Zhewitra 10mg

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Zhewitra 10mg - 10-mg

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What Is Zhewitra 10mg?

Zhewitra 10mg has the potential to cause penis erections.  Doctors will readily recommend prescribing these pills to someone who is suffering from a lack of erectile dysfunction which is categorized as erectile dysfunction.

The exact reason why you are suffering from this sexual disease can be uncertain unless you visit a doctor. The two most common causes for this can be either suffering from an injury or having this type of disorder right since birth which is known by a different term known as impotence.

The other reason is far more common and includes any existing physical or psychological disorder that does not allow you to generate a hard erection despite all the stimulation.

Remember that doctors will prescribe this medicine to a certain age group in males that is those who belong to the 18 to 64 age group.


The only action against the disorder that you can use is the Zhewitra 10mg pills known as ED or erectile dysfunction. Now when you consider the usage of the medicine there is more than just knowing about the use against a specific disorder. You need to ideally know about the frequency of use along with the dose.

If we consider dose first, then in this article right throughout we will be taking reference of the Zhewitra 10mg only. This medicine has 10mg of the active ingredient vardenafil in it. There are some other doses too but we will mention them and get to know more about the dosage of the brand Zhewitra 10mg in the later sections.

With regards to the frequency of usage ideally, the medicine is for regular everyday use. You can use the medicine for daily purposes use provided that you do not take more than one pill per day.

Strength And Dosage

In this section, as we promised above, we will see more into the dose of the Zhewitra 10mg and the brand in general. Although you do not have any right on your own to choose the dosage we will mention the other strength and varieties of doses that you get under this brand name.

So, the other doses of this brand include Zhewitra 20mg, Zhewitra 40mg, and Zhewitra 60mg which is the highest dose.

Any patient needs to take one pill in one go and not more than this regardless of which dose they are using. Remember that each dose will be carefully recommended by the doctors only after ensuring that the patients can cope with the dose guidelines.

If not then an excess dose of Generic Vardenafil can also lead to contraindications and side effects. As a patient, your prime duty is not to change the dose without considering the views of the doctor and taking suggestions from them.

Benefits Of Using Zhewitra 10mg

One of the benefits of using Zhewitra 10mg is its strength. As you can see from the varieties of dose strengths available under this brand name, the Zhewitra 10mg is by far the smallest and starting dose. Thus if someone is new to ED and using the ED medications for the first time then it is always better to start with the smallest dose which in this case is the Zhewitra 10mg.

The other benefit is that the brand itself does have other doses and thus each patient depending on their severity level of ED can choose a suitable dose after consulting with the doctors.

Another benefit that you can derive is the availability of medicines. This medicine is easily available at both the local medicine shops near your vicinity and the online medicine-selling websites sildenafilcitrates.com.

Side Effects

The occurrence of side effects is a common phenomenon under two circumstances holding right. One of them is that the patient has taken an overdose to which they cannot suit and thus suffering from side effects. The other possible scenario is in the case of the patient having inborn allergic tendencies to the generic element in the medicine Vardenafil.

As Vardenafil is the chief composite element of the medicines you have to ensure that you are not allergic to it or else you may suffer from severe side effects.

Anyways the patients must keep a close note of the exact type and severity level of the side effects and notify the doctors.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Pain
  • Digestion Problems
  • Chest Pain
  • Difficulty Breathing Normally
  • Hazy Vision
  • Pale Face
  • Lowering Of Hearing Sensations
  • Lower Libido
  • Priapism

Using Your Daily Pill Of Zhewitra 10mg

For you to use the pills of Zhewitra 10mg you must adhere to the guidelines about the frequency. Remember that a safe timeline separating two consecutive doses is at least 24 hours.

Meanwhile, it may also happen that the patient forgets to take a dose of the medicine altogether. In such cases, the patient must note that in no circumstances should the patient take the missed dose if the time remaining for the next pill has less than 10 hours to go.

Ideally, it is the dire minimum gap you need to keep within two consecutive pills although there might still be chances of an overdose and resulting side effects.

Thus for the patients, the safest option is to consult the doctor when they have remembered taking their missed dose.

Working Principle

The medicine of Zhewitra 10mg shows that it has this generic substance in it that is Vardenafil. This chief substance is the PDE-5 inhibitor group of hormones and thus this is how the medicines begin taking their effect. with this, the levels of another hormone that is the cGMP hormone will begin to rise.

And not long enough will it take for nitric oxide to get activated and show off its vasodilation actions on the blood vessels which effectively means that now your penis tissues have more blood flowing through them. When you reach this stage stimulating the penis responds more than ever and generally leads to erectile dysfunction.

Safety Advice And Precautions

The safest advice overall that we can give you is to follow the doctor’s guidelines. Avoid overdose, missed dose, sudden changes in the strength of the dose, or even avoid driving. if you are using any medicines carry them to the doctor before starting a course of Zhewitra 10mg to know about the possibilities of contraindications.

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