Sildenafil: Everything You Need To Know

If you are an adult male involved or were involved in a sexual relationship then it is quite possible that you must have heard the term Sildenafil at least if not used. So, what is Sildenafil it is not used by children but only by adult men. Well, for people living under the rock, it is a chemical that helps men regain their erections during sexual intercourse.

But the opposing people may argue that why is Sildenafil necessary for erection as it is a natural process. This logic applies to other aspects such as why one needs insulin because even that is also naturally produced.

The simple answer is that when due to malfunctions the natural process is not able to function smoothly, external help is needed. Thus, Sildenafil is the external help a man needs when he is suffering from poor erection.

In medical terms, this problem is known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and you would be glad to know that this is quite a big problem in the male community. If not accurate then around 50% of USA’s men are suffering from this problem and not just USA but most of the men living in the western world are victims of Erectile Dysfunction.

This is the reason that sales of Sildenafil Cenforce 150 and Cenforce 200 are highest in those regions. This shows the penetration of both the disorder Erectile Dysfunction and its treatments. This content will contain the intricate details of Sildenafil, its way of use, the precautions one must take, the side effects it can have, and all the details a man might want to know about medicine. Reading this article will make sure you do need not to visit any other website for the information.

Who Made It?

Well, the answer is dependent on the readers also. For those who want to get just a one-word direct answer, for them, Pfizer is the answer. Now read-only if you want a detailed explanation then keep reading. It was in 1998 when the experiment and trials were going on for angina and blood pressure treatment.

But accidentally during that experiment, Sildenafil was discovered. The name of the medicine was given Viagra which can be referred to as the first counter-erectile dysfunction medicine in the world.

The medicine was instant as it gave men relief from being embarrassed in bed in front of their partners. They could simply take a pill and achieve not only a hard erection but an enhanced erection that has expanded the pleasure multiple times.

So, the actual credit whether you would say intentionally or unintentionally will go to the pharmaceutical firm, Pfizer. After the expiry of the patent license, now thousands of Sildenafil Citrate 100 Tablets have flooded the markets with different brands. So, now it is a very common name used by almost all adult men.

Who Can Use It?

This is one of the most budding questions in the mind of men who are either using Sildenafil tablets or planning to consume the tablets in the future. Keep in mind that whether you take the branded medicine containing Sildenafil or a generic one, always prioritize the doctor’s prescription.

Follow the strength and dosage as exactly mentioned in the prescription. There is a reason for it the doctor uses all his/her medical expertise to examine the patient’s health and find which strength and dosage will be compatible for his/her body.

Not every patient needs Cenforce 100, someone might only need Cenforce 50. The doctor can only make this distinction. Thus, it is said to follow the doctor’s word in the prescription. But there may arise a situation where the prescribed strength and dosage are not giving you the desired results even after completing the full course.

In such a case, reach the doctor and he/she would alter the strength and dosage of Sildenafil accordingly. So, overall Sildenafil can be used by anyone who has been prescribed by a doctor.

How To Take It?

There is nothing special about Sildenafil tablets, they are similar to other tablets. But it is a swallowable medicine so do not chew it. Actions like breaking, biting, or disintegrating the tablets are strictly prohibited.

The liquid to be used to swallow the tablets should only be water. For the same reason, Sildenafil tablets are also given identification, water-soluble tablets. Those trying to swallow this tablet with drinks like alcoholic beverages, milk, and juices are not allowed. These drinks contain acid and elements that can react with Sildenafil to induce side effects.

For best results after taking Sildenafil, one must follow a fixed time on which one must take the pills. This creates a certain rhythm that leads to the higher efficiency of the drug.

Precautions For Sildenafil

Sildenafil is also a chemical after all, therefore, you must follow some precautions like in the case of any other medicine. They are:

The first precaution in the list is that you must tell the respective doctor about your attributes like sleeping hours, what you eat, the work you do, previous major disorders, allergies to specific substances, etc. This information may not seem meaningful but in reality, they help the doctor to understand the overall health of the patient and assign dosage accordingly.

The information of whether you taking any extra supplement or other treatment currently must be communicated to the doctor. When the doctor allows you to continue with the supplement along with Sildenafil then only take it or else terminate its consumption.

When Not To Consume Sildenafil

You must not consume Sildenafil tablets like Cenforce 25 when you are found allergic to them. This is because another chemical for ED pills is also present and the doctor may prescribe you those if you are allergic to Sildenafil.

Do not consume Sildenafil tablets if you have high blood pressure issues. This is necessary because the consumption of it will further high blood pressure. And too much high blood pressure can lead to coma, unconsciousness, and dizziness.

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