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How to Stop Living with the Fears of Erectile Dysfunction?

Our life is a mix of happiness and sadness. Nothing can provide you with a life with only happiness. If someone assures you any such offer then get to know that he/she is a fraudster. Both happiness and grief are temporary in life. Therefore, we must be ready to tackle both situations perfectly by not getting too ecstatic during happiness and not getting depressed when unhappy. Unfortunate situations may include any hazardous diseases which you might fear because of their terror. One such disturbing disorder is Erectile Dysfunction or ED that terrifies every male above 18 years. But what is so disturbing about ED that makes men fear it? Let’s understand it better in the article, read till the end.

Knowing ED

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a disorder that involves men cannot take desired penile erection. In absence of a hard penis achieving sexual pleasure becomes difficult or impossible at all. But why does this happen that someday penis becomes hard while on another day penis is unable to become hard When a man is subjected to penis advances or stimulated an enzyme called cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) is released. cGMP facilitates the smoothening and elasticity of the erectile tissues making them comfortable to accommodate the huge influx of blood. Ultimately, blood gushes in the blood vessels of the penis and expands the blood vessels that make the penis erect.

Now this happens when everything is normal. During ED, less cGMP is secreted which results in the improper softness of erectile tissues. Some portions of the penile region remain hard therefore not allowing the blood to flow through it. Thus, the required amount of blood doesn’t enter the penis. Hence, erection is not ample for satisfiable sexual intercourse. To overcome the disorder there is only one solution, to allow easy movement of blood in the penis. This will eventually again lead to expansion of blood vessels and then erection.

How to overcome ED?

How to overcome ED

The most common and used way to get rid of ED is by consuming counter ED pills like Cenforce, Fildena, Kamagra, Malegra. These pills after getting dissolved in the water cause several changes in the body that ensures a good supply of blood in the penile region. The pelvic muscles are relaxed, blood pressing is reduced and secretion of cGMP is maximized. Overall, a situation is created that blood finds no difficulty in entering the blood vessels of the sex and the penis becomes hard. Now the next challenge is to retain the erection for a considerable time such as 4 to 5 hours. This is obtained by decomposing an enzyme PDE5  in the body. It is almost made non-functional despite remaining in the body. But why this much restriction on PDE5 from performing its functions? This is because PDE5 works to reduce the erection and eventually brings it to its original size after ejaculation. This is a natural process that after semen is ejected penis loses its erection. Now, when the amount of PDE5 is very less, the process of losing erection will take more time. And thus, the penis will remain erect for more duration than before. This is the reason after taking ED pills even after ejaculation erection is not lost.

Other methods of getting rid of ED

Other methods of getting rid of ED

Now, there are other methods of getting rid of ED as well where you need not eat any ED pill. But that method tests your discipline, determination, and patience. It is called the natural method of curing ED by attacking the root cause of the problem. For example, if a high level of stress is the reason for ED in your case, then work on how to overcome stress ED will go away automatically. This method of curing ED is also permanent whereas ED pills only cure ED for one night. If you indulge in sexual activities on some other day, you must take the pills again. Tablets simply hide the problem for a few hours does not eradicate it completely. Given below are a few more steps that help in overcoming ED naturally.

  • Get enough sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day. Being sexually healthy means having a tension-free mind with no stress and anxiety. Lack of sleep invites a high level of stress, decreases dopamine levels, and reduces your efficiency in the job you do.
  • Eat healthy food that supports good metabolism and energy. Junk foods being rich in bad cholesterol makes the person obese. Fats stick on the mouth of the pulmonary artery to prevent blood from moving to different organs. This causes the heart to pump blood faster causing high blood pressure, hypertension, and Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Exercise regularly, if not gymming do yoga and meditation daily for at least 1 hour. When calories are burnt and stress is relived basic metabolism rate increases. The person feels positive, more concentrated, and focussed with far more clarity.

Still, fearing ED?

ED may seem just a sexual disorder in men that can be overcome with some tablets. But in many cases, ED has caused divorces and extramarital affairs. It takes us to a very sensitive i.e., the importance of sexual pleasure in life. After we become adults, sexual satisfaction is one of our needs that needs to be fulfilled. But for optimum sexual pleasure, you must be sexually healthy. Today people are eating junk foods, following mismanaged schedules that result in distorted sleep-wake patterns. Hence, you cannot expect to be sexually fit.

Therefore, the only way to follow is to stop fearing ED instead become sexually fit. Sexual health is determined by how your physical and mental health is, both are equally important. You must not have six-pack abs to satisfy your partner, it all depends on erection and stamina. From now on if you want not to get embarrassed in bed in Infront of your partner be conscious about your food and lifestyle.


Fearing from problems is not the way for sure. Most sex patients are mentally ill, either they get too nervous or have a false expectation after watching porn which is broken. Take pills when necessary but along with it eradicate the cause of ED for long-term improvement.

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