Top 10 worst foods and drinks for ED

With each passing year, innumerable men suffer from impotence. You are suffering from erectile dysfunction which leaves you frustrated. This sexual health issue refrains you from making love with your partner. If you feel frustrated with impotence, blame your food choices. Binging on spicy and oily foods can lead to erection problems.

When you choose the wrong diet, you put your health at risk. When your food choices are wrong, it leads to erection issues. Not only foods but also certain beverages which threaten erectile dysfunction.
Every man needs to be cautious while choosing their diet. Wrong foods can hamper erectile function. Foods play an imperative role in keeping and achieving an erection.

Certain unhealthy foods and beverages give rise to erectile dysfunction. When you consume healthy foods, you get firmer erections.
Healthy food habits prevent erectile dysfunction in males of all ages. For firmer erections, it is necessary to ingest healthy foods. Pick healthy beverages which will not affect your impotence.

The unhealthy food habits you choose make you suffer from impotence. When you consume meat or soft drinks, the wrong diet affects your health.
You develop various health issues when you choose the wrong diet. You need to ingest nutritious food and drink healthy beverages to keep impotence away. Along with healthy foods and drinks, have Cenforce 200. It is a powerful impotence drug that restores erectile function. Below mentioned are the worst foods and drinks which are bad for erectile function.

Fried and greasy foods:

Who does not love to gorge on fried and greasy foods? Are such foods healthy for you? Certainly not. Fried foods seem delicious. When you are on the go and hungry, you pick fried foods. Do you know fried foods are high in trans fat and saturated fats? Deep-frying and spicy foods increase your cholesterol levels.
Eating foods such as French fries, fried fish, and chicken strips contains high fats. Fried chicken and egg rolls are also rich in fats. You gain excess weight as you eat these fatty and greasy foods. You suffer from high cholesterol and heart disease with these unhealthy foods. Heart disease and high cholesterol lead to impotence problems.

Foods rich in salt:

Many men have a habit of sprinkling salt over foods. Eating or adding too much sodium increases your blood pressure. Research studies show that high blood pressure increases the risk of impotence. Most sodium is found in processed foods and packaged foods. Avoid eating chips, tacos, burgers, lunch meat, meat and poultry, pizzas, and pasta. It is best to keep seafood aside which contains high sodium. A high-salt diet links to impotence issues.

Soy and Flaxseed:

A man’s body produces estrogen hormone. It is necessary to have a healthy balance of testosterone and estrogen in men. The proper balance of estrogen and testosterone helps men attain an erection. For healthy erections, these two hormones are extremely essential. Do not have flaxseed which has estrogenic properties. Having flaxseed can increase the level of estrogen in the bloodstream. As a result, it leads to erection issues. The same applies to soy too.

Canned and Tinned Food:

If you wish to prevent erectile dysfunction, ditch canned and tinned foods. Food containers contain Bisphenol which is a chemical. It mimics estrogen in a man’s body. Having canned foods leads to excess estrogen levels. It is proven that tinned and canned foods are responsible for erectile dysfunction. Stop eating canned and tinned foods to keep impotence away. Take Super P Force Oral Jelly to keep impotence away.

Full-fat dairy:

Men prefer to eat dairy products. A full-fat dairy product such as cheese has high saturated fats. In many dairy foods, you may find the remains of antibiotics. When you have high-fat dairy foods, arteries, and the prostate gland are affected. Research studies show that high-fat dairy foods contribute to impotence problems.


Eating sugary foods can increase the level of sugar levels in your body. Men suffer from high blood sugar more as compared to women. Consuming more sugary drinks or foods makes a man diabetic. Soft drinks contain a high percentage of sugar. As you drink soft drinks, the sugar content increases your blood sugar. High blood sugar affects erectile dysfunction in males.

Processed/takeaway food:

Owing to a lack of time, men prefer to eat takeaway meals. You should never eat takeaway food or processed foods. These foods are extremely bad for health. Takeaway meals or processed foods have high amounts of fats. Consuming these unhealthy foods makes a man prone to erection issues.

Red meat:

Stop eating red meat which can block the arteries. Red meat tastes delicious. But, it is not safe for the heart. Red meat clogs the arteries of the heart. Blocked arteries make your pressure high. You have a high risk of suffering from heart disease. Having a heart disease can make you suffer erectile dysfunction. Limit the intake of red meat. Treat impotence problems with Tastylia 60 Mg.

Food high in sodium:

Men like to pick foods that are high in sodium. When you ingest sodium-rich foods, your blood pressure increases. High blood pressure makes you suffer from erectile dysfunction. Ditch foods such as bread, tacos, burgers, soups, and seafood. Eating high-sodium foods elevates your blood pressure. You are susceptible to erection issues when your blood pressure is high.


Men consume high amounts of alcohol. If you are one of them, you are affecting your health. Alcohol consumption not only affects your physical but your sexual health. Too much alcohol consumption increases the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Which other foods should you avoid if you have ED?

Other foods which can put you at risk of erectile dysfunction are baked goods, processed carbs, and white flour. There are other foods such as canned soup, processed meat, microwave popcorn, and flavored soda.

Other causes of ED


One of the main causes of erection issues is smoking. Excessive smoking makes a man prone to erection problems. Smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes have tobacco. Consuming tobacco or smoking hampers the function of erection.

Bottom line

Stop consuming the above-mentioned drinks and foods to have good sexual health.

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