Erectile Dysfunction

The 7 Most Common Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

If you are not able to have a satisfactory erection, Erectile Dysfunction is due to an erection problem. The persistent inability to achieve and maintain erection in the penis is known as erectile dysfunction.

To have satisfactory sexual intimacy, men need to have a penile erection. Men who are aged between 40 and 70 have a high tendency of erectile dysfunction. Over time, this sexual dysfunction is increasing rapidly all over the world.

In the current age, men who are less than 50 years of age also complain about experiencing impotence. A lack of blood circulation in the penile area forbids men of all ages to indulge in sexual intimacy.

Psychological and physiological issues are responsible for developing the risk of impotence. Many men have a health problem that is left untreated. The untreated health condition gives rise to erectile dysfunction later.

Various causes make men suffer from impotence. The prime seven causes of impotence will be discussed below. If the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are not getting controlled, talk to your medical provider.

Some medications and treatments can help men get back their erections. Following the medications and some lifestyle changes helps men recover from erection hassles. Cenforce 200 mg can keep men safe from erection hassles.

Let’s Talk About The Top 7 Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction Problems

There are some psychological causes such as anxiety and stress which increase the risk of ED. When you are under stress and when you are anxious, psychological health ailments affect your erection.

Apart from psychological issues, it is proven that physical health ailments also contribute to ED. Below mentioned are the seven main causes of erectile dysfunction.

1. Heart conditions

It is important to keep heart issues away to prevent erectile dysfunction. As per health experts, heart conditions have always been the prime cause of erection issues. If the arteries of the heart are clogged, the blocked arteries will impact your erectile health.

If you suffer from stroke or heart attack, you are highly susceptible to impotence problems. Any heart-related ailments will harm your erectile health. Keep your heart healthy with regular exercise and consume healthy foods.

When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you will not suffer from sexual dysfunction. Check your health regularly to know the exact condition of your heart. Fildena 100mg Pill is an effectual erectile dysfunction drug that resolves erection issues.

Even associated heart issues such as having high blood pressure may cause problems with your heart health and may show symptoms of ED.

2. High Cholesterol Levels

Every man needs to have good cholesterol in his body. If you have high bad cholesterol, it will affect the function of the erection. It is important to keep bad cholesterol levels under control so that you do not have to go through impotence problems.

High cholesterol levels in your body can make you stay away from erectile dysfunction. Consume foods that have low cholesterol. Ditch high-cholesterol foods such as meat and other cholesterol-rich diets. Embrace more fresh veggies and fruits to keep cholesterol levels low. When your cholesterol levels are low, you will not experience impotence anymore.

Even high cholesterol levels could potentially cause heart health issues which may again link up with ED additionally.

3. High Blood Pressure

It is observed that almost all men tend high blood pressure. Men who have high blood pressure need to control it. If you suffer from high blood pressure for a long time, it will put a halt to your erectile function.

Having high blood pressure could cause a lot of damage to your arterial walls which could potentially cause problems of ED due to lack of flowing blood to the penis tissues.

To keep erectile health going, it is necessary to keep blood pressure under control. Keep tabs on your blood pressure regularly so that you will come to know the recent status of your blood pressure.

Having high blood pressure restricts the flow of the blood in the penile area. Eat healthy foods and do workouts regularly to normalize your blood pressure. With normal blood sugar, you can enjoy good sexual health.

4. Diabetic Complications

Numerous men are prone to diabetes. High blood sugar is another main cause of erection issues. High blood sugar does not let blood flow properly around the penile area. Regulating blood sugar is essential for keeping erectile dysfunction away.

Ditch sugary foods and sugar to decrease the levels of blood sugar. Keep stress away which is another main reason for high blood sugar. Diabetic complications can mess up your erectile health which in turn will keep you away from sexual intimacy.

Diabetes may ruin your erection capabilities by causing extensive damage to the arteries and blood vessels simply due to sugary deposition. It is due to this that patients may end up with issues in the ED.

5. Obesity

Have you gained a lot of weight? Are weight issues bothering you? If you have gained excess weight, it is natural that excessive weight will impact your erectile function. Too much fat in the waistline can impact your sexual health.

Rule out obesity if you need to get rid of impotence. Do regular exercises and workouts to shed extra pounds from your body. Hitting a gym regularly or discarding unhealthy foods can decrease the risk of obesity. When you lose extra pounds from your body, you lower the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Obesity could cause your blood vessels to receive extensive damage or else they become narrowed due to which the eventual blood flow to the penis tissues will reduce substantially.

6. Smoking

Men and smoking go hand-in-hand. Most men are chain smokers. If you are one of them, it is time to quit smoking. The chemicals in normal cigarettes or e-cigarettes are toxic to your health. Ditch the habit of smoking which will help you get good sexual health.

The harmful chemicals in cigarettes or tobacco consumption hampers the blood circulation in the penis. The more you smoke cigarettes, the more you invite erection issues at your end. Keep toxic chemicals off your body so that you do not have to suffer from impotence.

7. Anxiety

Many men have a habit of getting anxious about trivial matters. The more you feel anxious, the more you suffer from impotence. Many men are not aware of the fact that anxiety can develop the risk of erectile dysfunction in many men. Being anxious could cause you to be less romantic and lack sexual feelings for your partner.

Not all men need to suffer from impotence due to anxiety. Some men can experience impotence problems due to anxiety. Keep unknown fear and worries away so that you can be free from impotence problems.

If anxiety problems trouble you, seek medical attention. Your medical provider will provide you with proper counseling which will help keep anxiety at bay. It is extremely important to keep anxiety away to prevent erectile dysfunction.


Erection problems can hamper your physical and sexual health. It has been observed that impotence affects a man’s self-confidence and his sexual life. The aforementioned seven causes can disrupt your erectile function. Follow positive lifestyle choices to indulge in good sexual health. Remember that as soon as you notice these disorders it does not necessarily mean that you will end up with ED issues. But remember that if you do not adopt the right treatment it could potentially lead to ED trouble later in your life.

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