Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is the sexual incapability of a man to be able to get a hard erection. This occurs from any existing physical or psychological disorders.

It may occur in a man at any age. This is primarily due to the existence of any of these physical or psychological disorders. Over time older men will generally have to face difficulties to gain a hard erection.

The list of physical disorders that may cause erectile dysfunction to occur includes heart disorders, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and nerve disorders.

Along with this, there may be some psychological disorders too that may contribute to erectile dysfunction. This will include problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, and so on.

“Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction”

ED is one of those diseases that can happen because of varied reasons. We have to figure out the basic reasons why it may happen. Understanding the main reasons can help us control it. This will help us in determining what we must do to prevent it. Some of the common reasons for erectile dysfunction are-

👉🏾 Type-2 Diabetes

Type-2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a very serious disease that we cannot ignore. It leads to many problems in the body. It certainly is a big contributor to erection problems as well. A man who suffers from erection problems has a poor sex life. Type 2 diabetes directly triggers it.

It can affect various body functions that directly result in poor sex life. It certainly leads to complex heart conditions as well. It can reduce the pumping action of the heart, which will slow down blood infusion in your penis. This blood infusion is critical for erection.

However, type-2 diabetes affects this. More than that, it can also lead to pressure on your nerves. This can even lead to erection problems. In such cases, you have to depend on pills like Vidalista 60mg. More than that, it can also influence your libido levels. This will result in poorer erections at the end of the day.

👉🏾 Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Complicated heart disease is a major serious problem. Heart diseases are of various types and nature. It certainly leads to complications related to the erection. A heart disease directly affects blood flow in your penis. It reduces pumping actions.

Multiple diseases can affect this. We already discussed how diabetes influences it. Heart disease may also happen because of obesity. All of this ultimately will affect blood flow in your penis. This results in poor erection at the time of having sex.

This directly affects your sex performance in bed. All of these are major concerns for a man suffering from poor intimacy. Heart disease also restricts the intake of Fildena 100mg like pills. This happens because such tablets are often reactive with nitrates, which is a common drug for heart diseases. All of this leads to intense problems.

👉🏾 High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious condition. High blood pressure levels do affect erection as well. Higher BP restricts blood flow in your body. This also restricts blood flow in your private parts. A man suffers because of this.

The higher the blood pressure, the lower the volume of blood in the body. This can result in various problems. Certainly, it will affect your erection performance. This can result in poor sex life. High BP conditions may also complicate various other body aspects that indirectly affect your sex life.

👉🏾 Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease

This is certainly a disease, which we cannot ignore. Kidney diseases may happen because of various reasons. Certainly, our lifestyle choices can influence this. However, when it happens, it will affect various factors of the body.

Various critical aspects of the body are affected. This also includes the direction of a man. Kidney stones lead to imbalances in the body that restricts blood infusion in your penis. More than that, it will disrupt your life and cause many problems.

This directly and indirectly leads to poor sex life. Kidney diseases can complicate your overall health and lead to intense problems. Dealing with this effectively is vital for erection recovery as well.

“Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction”

👉🏾 Erection


The first symptom is definitely regarding your erection. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you will not get a better erection. You will struggle to get quality erections during sex. It can also happen at times when you are feeling aroused. It is one of the most common and primary symptoms of such a disease.

Especially, if you fail to get quality erections every time you have sex it is a major indication. These are signs that you cannot ignore. It is a major symptom of a complex sexual problem.

👉🏾 He Can’t Last Long Enough For Sex

He Can't Last Long Enough For Sex

Every man wants to last longer in bed. Without lasting long, you cannot satisfy your needs. You also cannot fulfill your partner’s orgasms if you fail to last longer.

However, erectile dysfunction hinders this. It causes massive problems with your duration of sex.

It makes your penis much softer early. Hard and long erections are vital to do well in bed. It helps you penetrate through the vagina and have a quality experience.

However, a softer penis because of erectile dysfunction makes you fail. It causes a lot of problems in your marital affairs. Certainly, it affects every adult person engaged in intimacy. In such cases, you have to depend on Kamagra Oral Jelly Pills.

👉🏾 Being Unable To Get An Erection At Any Time

Being Unable To Get An Erection At Any Time

For a man who wants to do well in bed, getting erections at any time becomes vital. You never know when you want to have sex.

At times, you may want to have sex but your partner is not interested. In addition, there comes a time when both you and your partner are interested in having sex. Hence, at random moments you may have to perform well in bed.

It is because of this, that erections are important to occur at any time. However, a disrupted erection affects your sex life. It is a major symptom of erectile dysfunction. A person who is not being able to achieve an erection even after getting arousal may suffer from such issues.

“Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction”

👉🏾 Oral Medications

Oral Medications

Oral medications are effective in treating it. Treating erectile dysfunction does require some time. However, medicines such as Cenforce 200mg work properly. It offers quality erection whenever you want to perform well. It certainly assists in longer erection for better sex.

These medicines are effective in reducing factors that lead to erectile dysfunction problems. It manages high BP conditions and boosts blood flow in your penis.

The effects of these medicines can vary depending on dosage. However, one tablet is potent in offering quality sex for about 8 hours. It is vital to consult your physician whenever you are looking to get medicines.

Oral medicines ensure effective results without causing many problems. You can have this as a prescription drug to treat the condition properly.

We do advise you to consult with your physician as well. This will provide you with better details on how exactly you must have it. This will help you prevent complex side effects that happen because of negligence.

👉🏾 Surgery And Implants

Surgery And Implants

The intensity of erectile dysfunction can increase a lot. This can result in permanent damage to your erection abilities. In such cases, it may happen so that higher-dosage medicines may also fail. Erectile dysfunction pills come in higher dosages as well.

Usually, it can deal with intense forms of erectile dysfunction as well. However, in cases where nothing is working, you have to rely on surgical methods. Surgical methods are complex in their way.

In these cases, many people go out for surgical methods. There is no guarantee that these surgeries can solve your problem. However, it is one of the last available options for many people.

Implants are done to enhance penile size to boost own confidence and satisfy the sexual needs of the partner. Consulting with your doctor and getting approval is vital before opting for these methods. Often, ineffective surgery or implant can result in more problems and even lead to fatality.

👉🏾 Exercise


Regular exercise benefits a lot. It assists your long-term health. It can effectively improve your sex life as well. Erection boosts blood flow in your penis. Boosted blood flow assists in better erections.

There are various kinds of erection-boosting exercises, you can do. These exercises are really simple. Regularly doing one hour of cardio can also do the trick. It will boost your cardiac performance.

A better cardiac health will certainly boost blood flow in the penis. It also will help you maintain a good body weight. Moderate to high-intensity exercises enhance your physical strength. It increases your endurance. Such exercises also reduce fat in your body.

All of this helps you avoid obesity, which may affect your erection. This directly benefits your intimate health and reduces reliance on pills like the Tadalista 60mg. We do advise you to do about one hour of exercising regularly.

👉🏾 Psychological Counselling

Psychological Counselling

There are mental health aspects regarding a quality erection as well. A poor libido directly affects your sexual abilities. This can even result in long-term intimate problems. Factors such as high stress and anxiety can lead to these issues.

Depression is also a major reason why you may face sexual problems. All these are common reasons for poor psychological health. These factors do affect different aspects of your daily life. This definitely can influence your sexual abilities as well.

Hence, good psychological counseling can help you deal with this. It can also help you deal with issues like low confidence. This will help you gain sexual confidence while having intimate affairs with your partner.

“Final Say”

Erectile dysfunction is vital to take care of your intimate health to protect your sexual interests. Certainly, there are quality things you can do to improve this and assist your sexual life. We do advise you to stick to the basics and solve your intimate issues properly.

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