Erectile Dysfunction

From Lifestyle Changes to Medications: How to Manage Erectile Dysfunction

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction is a manly condition where the folk struggles to achieve or maintain an erection during his bedtime. This reduces the sexual satisfactory between the partners and hence relationships go worsen. Erectile dysfunction can be understood simply with its biological breakdown where the supply of blood flow is limited to the penis. Artificial medications may contribute to some level but solely relying on these quick fixings won’t be considered as a good option in the long term.

The purpose of these medications is to relax the muscles and enhance blood flow to the penile area thus resulting into an erection. Yet, one should opt for natural remedies and homely treatments rather than depending on the pills at every interval. In this article certain lifestyle changes are to be discussed that would help for the prevention of ED with help of Cenforce 200 mg.

What causes ED?

Various factors become responsible for ED. These can include externals factors such as injury caused while prostate surgery, smoking, alcohol, penis and spinal cord injury etc. Internal causes may include high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, vascular issues and neurological disorders. It could also be caused on by certain adverse drug reactions. Psychological issues also contribute such as stress, anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, stress related to reduced sexual performance to worsen the disease.

Effects Of Lifestyle Changes On Erectile Dysfunction

There are many lifestyle changes which are clinically proven to reduce the likelihood of ED. These changes may include walking every day, managing weight, practising pelvic exercise, quit smoke and drink, having a quality sleep and maintaining blood pressure.

Lifestyle changes and erectile dysfunction


Exercise like pelvic floor and specifically which targets the penile area muscles helps strengthen the tissues and can benefit with erectile dysfunction. Pelvic muscles play a crucial role in holding blood and maintaining erections. They do by putting pressure on the penile veins and do not allow leaving the area as a result maintaining an erection.  Patients practising this exercise will notice visible effects in erections within 5-6 weeks.

Eat healthy

Changes to diet along with exercise will lead to better and fast treatment for ED and reduce the risk of expanding further. From managing stress levels to boosting overall health, Fildena will lead to a happy sex life. erectile dysfunction gets drastically impacted with obesity and overweight, so appropriate diet will help people lose weight and they can control their manly condition. They should include foods high in flavonoids in their regular diet, such as cocoa, dark chocolate, fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, etc. Flavonoids are shown to increase blood flow and nitric oxide in the blood.

Stop smoking

If one stops smoking, the severity of ED can be considerably reduced. In contrast to people who never smoked, individuals who smoked were found to have ED, according to a 2005 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Smoking limits the circulation by narrowing the genital nerves. With unsuitable circulation, it is less likely that the penis will get filled with blood and ready for sexual action, which is when an erection occurs.

Quality Sleep

As per a study of 2015, there was an increase in sexual activity by 14% with an extra hour sleep. Gaining your libido back is very much crucial to gain back your happy sexual life. Consider these points to help the body function properly and have a sound sleep:

  • Set a fixed time for sleep and getting up
  • Sleep to minimum 7 hours
  • Avoid screens before sleep
  • Get exercise during the day to develop fatigue
  • Dark and quiet room with a cool temperature
  • Talk to your doctor for sleep deprivation

Talk about it

An enduring connection is built on effective communication. It’s crucial to go past anxious feelings and discuss matters with your spouse if you have erectile dysfunction (ED). Partners can be the starting point for numerous answers to the problem of ED. Find a method to put the worry aside and cooperate. Discuss your sentiments with your spouse and let him know that you care about him in order to allay any worries you may have about his inability to achieve or sustain an erection.

Stay Sexually Active

Men may experience physical or mental problems as they age that have an impact on their sexual health. They might not express their worries about decreasing masculinity, erectile dysfunction, or lowered libido with their doctor out of embarrassment or fear. But it is possible to maintain a healthy sexual life far into senior years, especially if one stays physically strong, keeps mind in good shape, and communicates with his spouse.

Treat Depression

One of the most controllable mental health issues could be depression. Treatment options can be:

  • Psychotherapy: where subject talks about his/her mental health to the doctor
  • Medication: Consuming antidepressants to reduce depression and anxiety thoughts
  • Home remedies: regular exercises, quality sleep, having a healthy diet, avoiding alcohols etc.

Medicine for ED

One of the most well-liked drugs for treating ED is sildenafil (Viagra). It functions by enhancing blood flow to the penis, assisting in the start and maintenance of an erection. Sildenafil’s effects could last for up to four hours. The brand names of these medications, such as Fildena, Tastylia 60 and Cenforce 200, vary. Think about using these medications if you desire a successful therapy. Any medical store, including online retailers, sells all of these drugs. To get affordable, genuine ED meds and other related medications, go to

Bottom Line

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition that affects men during adulthood. It can be treated using different medications and other methods. On the other hand, lifestyle changes could also help with maintaining an erection intact and avoiding further erectile dysfunction. As discussed earlier in this piece, there are various changes that one can make to better manage their erectile dysfunction. Not only these but one should also keep in mind that maintaining a happy relationship is an important aspect of the treatment.

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